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The MastanMusic Hour Episode 22: Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll High School

The MastanMusic Hour podcast, "Rock Rock Rock n Roll HIgh School", Episode 22 featuring underage rock bands from Oregon, will be released on April 23rd, 2007 at www.mastanmusic.com/podcast.
The MastanMusic Hour Podcast with hosts Jeremy Wilson and Sam Densmore
The MastanMusic Hour Podcast with hosts Jeremy Wilson and Sam Densmore
Portland, Oregon April 17, 2007- In Episode 22 Pt1. of the MastanMusic Hour, hosts Jeremy Wilson and Sam Densmore spin tunes by young musicians from all over Oregon involved in the "Let's Rock"camp, the Metropolitan Learning Center's rock n roll camp for girls and boys ages 10-18, and the "Kidz Rock" Concert Series, based in Eugene featuring over 25 bands under the age of 21 at 5 different venues for the month of April. Some of the bands featured in episode 22 include "The Tramps"(Portland), "Pocket Sized Surgeons" (Portland), "Still Pending"(Lake Oswego), "The Rock Bottom Scoundrels"(Eugene), "Yesterday" (Grants Pass/Wilderville), and "Greenlander" (Eugene) .

Episode 22 Pt2 features a "live from MastanMusic Studio" performance by "Greenlander", the April 28 Kidz Rock Festival, WOW Hall headliners . Greenlander has been playing together for 3 years. Greenlander strives for originallity in their sound. The music has many influences from metal and progressive bands like Tool and Dream Theater to alternative bands like Pearl Jam, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Weezer.

"This episode was fun to create because we were able to meet and learn about so many underage bands from Oregon. The opportunity to shine a light on over 30 young bands via the MastanMusic Hour was too good to pass up," says Sam Densmore, co-host of the MastanMusic Hour. "We are proud to be supporting Oregon's underage music scene."

To download or listen to the "Rock Rock Rock n Roll HIgh School" MastanMusic Hour Podcast Episode 22 for FREE , go to www.mastanmusic.com/podcast. The MastanMusic Hour Podcast is a production of the MastanMusic Studio in Portland, Oregon. 503.889.8646

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