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MUST SEE!!! launch of new BOLIVA site (diaries, videos, reporting)

Luis Gomez, journalist who wrote "Bolivia, un pueblo en busca de su identidad" about El Alto uprisings, and countless reports on Narco News.
and Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, gringo reporting from Bolivia for the last three years.
Dear Readers,

For a long time, Bolivia has been a center of strength, indigenous
tradition and power from below. And for a long time, the owners of the
world's riches--those defeated during Bolivia's mobilizations from
2000 to 2005--have let loose their attack dogs on Bolivia, calling
them media. It has also been a long time, as the Zapatistas say, since
these same powerful people started the Fourth World War.

They chose to commodify everything: free trade. The rest of us,
condemned to material scarcity, resist the attack and respond to enemy
fire with whatever we can. But where does this war leave journalism?

Today, in Ukhampacha Bolivia, we begin the adventure of answering that
question, from Bolivia and from various corners of the world. We come
from below and from an indigenous left struggling to take back control
of this continent known as América.

"Ukhampacha" is an Aymara word meaning "intact," or in its adverbial
form, "in this way." From here--news, ideas and emotions and the
occasional joke. And from within--bringing to the fore the voices of
those not always heard and hardly ever seen.


In this inaugural issue (in english and spanish) we invite you to read
our Opening Statement so that you get to know us better and so that
you can see how we view insurgent Bolivia and this world .

We offer the first part of a series on the racism and violence
unleashed in Cochabamba in January, written by Luis A. Gómez. Also,
we've got Jean Friedman-Rudovsky's analysis of the political patronage
scandal that has rocked the Evo Morales government in recent weeks.


We want you to read our work, to listen to our voices and to think
along with us...we hope that you will continue to grow along with us
starting today, April 17th. And if there is something you like, pass
it on, distribute it however you want and however you can without
worries (citing the source would be great)...people joining people, as
an old argentine activist would say.

These three websites will lead you to the same place:


What else? Thank you-- for your patience and for your kindness. We
will be here....all suggestions, critiques and/or non-solicited
collaboration ideas accepted. Welcome!

Jean Friedman-Rudovsky
Luis A. Gómez

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