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End Marijuana Prohibition

The Oregon Mary Jane Party will be having its monthly meeting at the Philippine Cuisine Restaurant 7610 SE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR at 3pm, Saturday April 21st.
This Saturday, at 3pm, April 21st, 2007 will be the April meeting for the Oregon Marijuana Party. The meeting will be located at the Philippine Cuisine restaurant located at 7610 SE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR, which is just south of Flavel on SE 72nd.

To take the bus from downtown Portland: 1. 1:56 p.m. Board 4 Division to Gresham TC, 2. 2:16 p.m. Get off at SE Division & 52nd, 3. Go to SE 52nd & Division (Stop ID 7679), 4. 2:22 p.m. Board 71 60th-122nd to Clackamas Town Center, 5. 2:37 p.m. Get off at SE 72nd & Flavel, 6. Walk south to 7610 SE 72nd Ave

We will be holding a meeting every month on the 3rd Saturday, at the Philippine Cuisine restaurant. 7610 SE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR.

Important topics for this month's meeting include organizing for the yearly Marijuana March, which is May 5th, as well as networking and creating local chapters all across Oregon.

The Philippine Cuisine restaurant has a buffet available on Saturdays; $10 for all you can eat from a buffet of delightful Philippine dishes, or $12 for all you can eat barbecued ribs, or you can order from their menu, most meals under $8, a few under $5.

Each month we will view a movie related to the movement to end prohibition or we hear from a leader in the movement to end prohibition or we plan activities for the coming months. If you have found the Oregon Marijuana Party group informative you will find the meetings even more so. This will be a great opportunity for you to contribute to the cause by sharing your ideas and experiences with the group. For more details about the meetings and activities of the Oregon Marijuana Party refer to the bulletin section of the our MySpace group page -  http://www.groups.myspace.com/ORMJP

Anyone who can make it is invited, so bring friends along. This will be a great opportunity to share a meal, learn and get to know one another.

Please, do not bring anything illegal to these meetings. In the future we will try to provide for patients to have an area to use their medicine, but valid medical cards must be presented to enter that area. (We have not secured that yet.) For all of our protection do not violate this policy.


Thomas Egys Crow
Oregon Marijuana Party