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Two small actions

Perhaps small actions support the good work of others.
Remembering the suggestions read here about all kinds of actions, two of us went about our day and along the way left some thoughts behind. The first was a clay pot with a face on it. Painted on one side are the words: Bush...proof that empty warheads are dangerous. Then, we went to lunch at a local restaurant and drew Peace signs on the paper serving as a tablecloth. These are just small gestures, but each time any of us speaks out, it might add strength to the hope for an end to this terrible war.

Cool n Simple 16.Apr.2007 17:08

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

People pushing for peace
I am collecting info on Peacemakers
I am just starting this project ... I think I might include your actions you shared

Cool! 17.Apr.2007 15:02

Jody Paulson

I watched one of your videos, Joe -- the one with the kid who seems to have the typically clueless attitude of American youth about politics. He said something like, "You need a lot of people to do something for peace." I'd just like to tell him (and everyone else who thinks that way), "No you don't. Peace starts with ourselves!"

And as the about actions show, there are little things everyone can do to get the "meme" out there. I'm including a photo from  http://kommandos.blogspot.com/

Great job!
Peace force invades Wal-Mart
Peace force invades Wal-Mart