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Karl Rove will be in Tigard on Friday the 13th.

Karl Rove will be in Tigard on Friday the 13th.
Karl Rove is coming to town. I couldn't find the exact location. Can someone help out with this. I want to be there to protest his role in this fucked up administration. Thanks.


Undisclosed location 07.Apr.2007 19:03


You have to actually register for the event before they'll tell you where. We are working on that! We'll keep you posted. My money's on Embassy Suites, but that's unconfirmed. Karl deserves a good ol' Portland welcome!

Scalia & Rove 07.Apr.2007 19:05

Madam LeFarge

Both in the same week? What did we do to deserve this?
The stench will be overpowering.

Confirmed 08.Apr.2007 11:01


Embassy Suites

Whats That Smell? 08.Apr.2007 12:13

Ben Waiting

Talk about a secret government!
I bet you could smell his ass when he gets to town?

The Washington County Republican Central Committee reserves the right to decline any paid admission tickets to attend or any other contributions towards this event. Those declined will be subject a full refund within a reasonable period of time after the contribution is made.

The Organizer of this Meetup decided that requests for invitations must be approved. Introduce yourself and we'll forward your information to the Organizer, who will accept or decline your request. Either way, we'll send you an email to let you know what they decide.

Your organizer closed this event to new RSVPs.

THIS EVENT IS NOT FULL - but you cannot RSVP for it on the meetup website. Go to www.WashCoRep.org to RSVP for this event. You must RSVP IN ADVANCE to attend this event.

Which Embassy Suites? 08.Apr.2007 16:04


There's one near Wash. square and another somewhere else in Tigard.
Curious how you got confirmation??
Looking forward to greeting the evil brain.

Location 09.Apr.2007 15:44


The fat-ass dough-face criminal Rethuglican Rove came to the Crowne Plaza in Lake Oswego (I5/H217) a couple of years ago.

Protest his ass 09.Apr.2007 16:23


Come on Portland! Don't let this criminal think he can escape Portland without protest.

See how the good people at American University recently greeted Bush's criminal compatriot...


Address confirmed... 10.Apr.2007 13:25


...according to BlueOregon. It's the Embassy Suites at 9000 SW Washington Square Road, Tigard, Oregon.

Let's show this traitor he's not welcome in Oregon.


Embassy Suites on Hall and Scholls Ferry in Tigard 12.Apr.2007 13:37


He'll be at the Embassy Suites near Hall Blvd and Scholls Ferry in Tigard from 2-8. This has been confirmed from a visit to a business from the Tigard Police Department.