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Deafening Silence: E. Howard Hunt Deathbed Confession: was accessory to assassinating JFK

The story is over a week old and no major media have picked up on it yet. And they won't. I've been telling people for years that the mainstream media is utterly controlled by the Oligarchy. If this example doesn't make that clear, I don't know what else to tell you. I mean, it's not like the allegation/confession even has to be true to be newsworthy. The media has covered all the people claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's orphaned daughter. They can't all be right (the parade of people claiming to have fucked Anna Nicole is like one of those clown cars at the circus). This is newsworthy. That is not really up for debate. If somebody confesses to murdering the president, that's newsworthy. So why the deafening silence? The media is part of the conspiracy, that's why. The media was one of the biggest parts of the cover-up right after the fact (and some would say, before it). Shooting the president is fairly easy. Getting away with it is damn near impossible... unless you control the levers of power.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The media's reaction to E. Howard Hunt's JFK assassination confession reveals their complicity

When E. Howard Hunt died a few months ago, there was speculation that he would leave behind a confession. At first, it appeared he had not, but now Rolling Stone is running with a story based on a confession Hunt made to his son, Saint John Hunt (who names their kid "Saint"? A narcissistic f***head, that's who).

The confession is compelling, but Hunt is a well-known liar. Indeed, his confession is his own version of a limited hang out. He claimed to have refused to take part in the plot, but his own lies tripped him up, as he also claimed to know the command structure (from LBJ on down) and who was the the marksman on the grassy knoll. It's pretty clear he was up to his ears in this thing. My favorite part of the Rolling Stone piece is when Hunt's son shreds his dad's alibi like grated cheese:

"And then, like an epiphany, I remember '63, and my dad being gone, and my mom telling me that he was on a business trip to Dallas. I've tried to convince myself that's some kind of false memory, that I'm just nuts, that it's something I heard years later. But, I mean, his alibi for that day is that he was at home with his family. I remember I was in the fifth grade. We were at recess. I was playing on the merry-go-round. We were called in and told to go home, because the president had been killed. And I remember going home. But I don't remember my dad being there. I have no recollection of him being there. And then he has this whole thing about shopping for Chinese food with my mother that day, so that they could cook a meal together." His father testified to this, in court, on more than one occasion, saying that he and his wife often cooked meals together.

St. John pauses and leans forward. "Well," he says, "I can tell you that's just the biggest load of crap in the fucking world. He was always looking at things like he was writing a novel; everything had to be just so glamorous and so exciting. He couldn't even be bothered with his children. That's not glamorous. James Bond doesn't have children. So my dad in the kitchen? Chopping vegetables with his wife? I'm so sorry, but that would never happen. Ever. That fucker never did jack-squat like that. Ever."

It is pretty funny, imagining him at home with the wife, helping out with the cooking. Hah! This guy was a misogynist asshole, not Julia Child. If he ever used a knife for something it was to cut somebody's fingers off, not make a dainty meal for the kids.

Anyway, that's not to say his confession is unimportant. Even a partial confession is vastly more than what we had before: denials, denials, denials. His history as a liar makes it suspect, of course, but I think St. John's story is compelling. He alone knew how to extract this information from his father (read the whole thing for Kevin Costner's half-assed attempt).

This has to be one of the biggest bombshells in recent memory. These revelations will make the cover of every major news-magazine and the headline of every newspaper, right?


The story is over a week old and no major media have picked up on it yet. And they won't.

I've been telling people for years that the mainstream media is utterly controlled by the Oligarchy. If this example doesn't make that clear, I don't know what else to tell you. I mean, it's not like the allegation/confession even has to be true to be newsworthy. The media has covered all the people claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's orphaned daughter. They can't all be right (the parade of people claiming to have fucked Anna Nicole is like one of those clown cars at the circus).

This is newsworthy. That is not really up for debate. If somebody confesses to murdering the president, that's fucking newsworthy. So why the deafening silence?

The media is part of the conspiracy, that's why. The media was one of the biggest parts of the cover-up right after the fact (and some would say, before it). Shooting the president is fairly easy. Getting away with it is damn near impossible... unless you control the levers of power. The rich and powerful men who make up the Oligarchy are the same men who own and operate the mainstream media. These levers of power are known by many names: Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc. But they all serve the same master.

Is there anything else the Media isn't telling you? (and how would you know?)

Labels: evil, fascism, lying, MSM, murder, oligarchy, Shadow Government

posted by Vemrion at 4/03/2007 01:40:00 PM



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Back to The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt
He was the ultimate keeper of secrets, lurking in the shadows of American history. He toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in. Now he would reveal what he'd always kept hidden: who killed JFK


>> Who assassinated JFK? The conversation continues in our politics blog, National Affairs Daily.

Once, when the old spymaster thought he was dying, his eldest son came to visit him at his home in Miami. The scourges recently had been constant and terrible: lupus, pneumonia, cancers of the jaw and prostate, gangrene, the amputation of his left leg. It was like something was eating him up. Long past were his years of heroic service to the country. In the CIA, he'd helped mastermind the violent removal of a duly elected leftist president in Guatemala and assisted in subterfuges that led to the murder of Che Guevara. But no longer could you see in him the suave, pipe-smoking, cocktail-party-loving clandestine operative whose Cold War exploits he himself had, almost obsessively, turned into novels, one of which, East of Farewell, the New York Times once called "the best sea story" of World War II. Diminished too were the old bad memories, of the Bay of Pigs debacle that derailed his CIA career for good, of the Watergate Hotel fiasco, of his first wife's death, of thirty-three months in U.S. prisons -- of, in fact, a furious lifetime mainly of failure, disappointment and pain. But his firstborn son -- he named him St. John; Saint, for short -- was by his side now. And he still had a secret or two left to share before it was all over.

They were in the living room, him in his wheelchair, watching Fox News at full volume, because his hearing had failed too. After a while, he had St. John wheel him into his bedroom and hoist him onto his bed. It smelled foul in there; he was incontinent; a few bottles of urine under the bed needed to be emptied; but he was beyond caring. He asked St. John to get him a diet root beer, a pad of paper and a pen.

Saint had come to Miami from Eureka, California, borrowing money to fly because he was broke. Though clean now, he had been a meth addict for twenty years, a meth dealer for ten of those years and a source of frustration and anger to his father for much of his life. There were a couple of days back in 1972, after the Watergate job, when the boy, then eighteen, had risen to the occasion. The two of them, father and son, had wiped fingerprints off a bunch of spy gear, and Saint had helped in other ways, too. But as a man, he had two felony convictions to his name, and they were for drugs. The old spymaster was a convicted felon too, of course. But that was different. He was E. Howard Hunt, a true American patriot, and he had earned his while serving his country. That the country repaid him with almost three years in prison was something he could never understand, if only because the orders that got him in such trouble came right from the top; as he once said, "I had always assumed, working for the CIA for so many years, that anything the White House wanted done was the law of the land."

Years had gone by when he and St. John hardly spoke. But then St. John came to him wanting to know if he had any information about the assassination of President Kennedy. Despite almost universal skepticism, his father had always maintained that he didn't. He swore to this during two government investigations. "I didn't have anything to do with the assassination, didn't know anything about it," he said during one of them. "I did my time for Watergate. I shouldn't have to do additional time and suffer additional losses for something I had nothing to do with."

But now, in August 2003, propped up in his sickbed, paper on his lap, pen in hand and son sitting next to him, he began to write down the names of men who had indeed participated in a plot to kill the president. He had lied during those two federal investigations. He knew something after all. He told St. John about his own involvement, too. It was explosive stuff, with the potential to reconfigure the JFK-assassination-theory landscape. And then he got better and went on to live for four more years.

They sure don't make White House bad guys the way they used to. Today you've got flabby-faced half-men like Karl Rove, with weakling names like "Scooter" Libby, blandly hacking their way through the constraints of the U.S. Constitution, while back then, in addition to Hunt, you had out-and-out thugs like G. Gordon Liddy, his Watergate co-conspirator and Nixon's dirty-tricks chief, who would hold his own hand over an open flame to prove what a real tough guy he was. It all seems a little nutty now, but in 1972 it was serious business. These guys meant to take the powers of the presidency and run amok. Hunt, an ex-CIA man who loved operating in the shadows and joined Nixon's Special Investigations Unit (a.k.a. "the Plumbers") as a $100-a-day consultant in 1971, specialized in political sabotage. Among his first assignments: forging cables linking the Kennedy administration to the assassination of South Vietnam's president. After that, he began sniffing around Ted Kennedy's dirty laundry, to see what he could dig up there. Being a former CIA man, he had no problem contemplating the use of firebombs and once thought about slathering LSD on the steering wheel of an unfriendly newspaperman's car, hoping it would leach into his skin and cause a fatal accident. But of all his various plots and subterfuges, in the end, only one of them mattered: the failed burglary at the Watergate Hotel, in Washington, D.C., in the spring of 1972.

The way it happened, Hunt enlisted some Cuban pals from his old Bay of Pigs days to fly up from Miami and bug the Democratic National Committee headquarters, which was located inside the Watergate. Also on the team were a couple of shady ex-government operators named James McCord and Frank Sturgis. The first attempt ended when the outfit's lock picker realized he'd brought the wrong tools. The next time, however, with Hunt stationed in a Howard Johnson's hotel room across the way, communicating with the burglars by walkie-talkie, the team gained entry into the office. Unfortunately, on the way into the building, they'd taped open an exit door to allow their escape, and when a night watchman found it, he called the cops. The burglars were arrested on the spot. One of them had E. Howard's phone number, at the White House, no less, in his address book. Following this lead, police arrested Hunt and charged him with burglary, conspiracy and wiretapping. Abandoned by his bosses at the White House, he soon began trying to extort money from them to help pay his mounting bills, as well as those of his fellow burglars, the deal being that if the White House paid, all those arrested would plead guilty and maintain silence about the extent of the White House's involvement.

That December, his wife, Dorothy, carrying $10,000 in $100 bills, was killed in a plane crash, foul play suspected but never proved. Two years later, impeachment imminent, Nixon resigned his presidency. And in 1973, E. Howard Hunt, the man who had unwittingly set all these events in motion, pleaded guilty and ultimately spent thirty-three months in prison. "I cannot escape feeling," he said at the time, "that the country I have served for my entire life and which directed me to carry out the Watergate entry is punishing me for doing the very things it trained and directed me to do."

After his release, Hunt moved to Miami, where he remarried, had two more children and spent three decades living a quiet, unexceptional life, steadfastly refusing to talk about Watergate, much less the Kennedy assassination. His connection to the JFK assassination came about almost serendipitously, when in 1974 a researcher stumbled across a photo of three tramps standing in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. It was taken on November 22nd, 1963, the day of Kennedy's shooting, and one of the tramps looked pretty much like E. Howard. In early inquiries, official and otherwise, he always denied any involvement. In later years, he'd offer a curt "No comment." And then, earlier this year, at the age of eighty-eight, he died -- though not before writing an autobiography, American Spy: My Secret History in the CIA, Watergate & Beyond, published last month. Not surprisingly, those things he wrote down about JFK's death and gave to his eldest son don't make an appearance in the book, at least not in any definitive way. E. Howard had apparently decided to take them to the grave. But St. John still has the memo -- "It has all this stuff in it," he says, "the chain of command, names, people, places, dates. He wrote it out to me directly, in his own handwriting, starting with the initials 'LBJ' " -- and he's decided it's time his father's last secrets finally see some light, for better or for worse.


 link to www.rollingstone.com


Title: VIDEO: Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy
Author: repost
Date: 2006.04.10 02:03
Description: Bush Senior kills JFK. Bush Junior kills JFK, Jr.; more All in all a through film of the evidence at hand: a small network of CIA assassins, all interlinked in Skull and Bones, created a criminal shadow government that became a major force in U.S. history. The people involved in the Kennedy assassination still run the United states in 2005. These groups took control of the Presidency in November 1963, keeping it ever since.

Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy
Alex Jones Productions
1 hr 30 min 27 sec - Sep 1, 2004

A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

If you know anything, this film will be familiar to you.

If you know nothing, best to start here.

The only think I found myself smirking at was attempting to paint Hoover, head of FBI, as not involved in the Kennedy Assassination when author of _Defrauding America_ has evidence of phone calls of Hoover, Dulles, and others planning the assassination?

I imagine lots of people will have many 'whoa' moments. I had several that surprised even me and helped to tie a few more strings together (that were already tied) into something much more tightly:

1. That it was John Connelly, the leading TX democrat and Gov of TX in 1963--in the front of the car when Kennedy was shot in Dallas--who INSISTED that Republican Nixon hire Republican Bush into the White House in some position! Bush was very likely CIA--as the video trots out all the known connections and information very well that Bush was CIA assuredly 99%-- particularly given all the summarized connections between Bush and all the CIA conspirators who killed Kennedy.

2. that Zapata Offshore was only about 30 miles north of Cuba.

3. Morganshilt (CIA) head blown off the day before he was scheduled to talk about why he hired certain people of interest to the Kennedy Assassination. The dead Morganschilt (CIA) had GHW Bush (CIA) telephone number on him.

4. another memo that I had yet to even see! GHW Bush record of him telephoning the FBI on November 22, 1963 warning of assassination attempt "he happened to hear about..." Bush later completely denies the telephone call to the FBI...

5. George Bush, Jr. missing during the day of and days after of JOHN F. KENNEDY, JUNIOR.

I did have something beyond a 'whoa' moment, closer to a "oh sh**!" moment that surprised me. Bush's money man Leidtke paid off Hunt for Nixon! (when Hunt blackmailed $1,000,000 out of Nixon because he was about to talk that he was a CIA assassin, Nixon has Bush's financier pay off Hunt! [Then it seems they kill Hunt's wife, carrying the money.] Nixon's impeachment occurred because he tells the FBI to lay off Hunt for these committals, and George H W Bush, who was appointed to head the Republican Party Chairman position, backstabs Nixon and publicly starts calling him to "step down." ) Leidtke helped George H. W. Bush found Zapata Offshore as well. And in the book the Mafia, CIA, and George Bush, Liedtke is one of the two Bush CIA money sources. (Additionally you might like to know that Liedtke and CURRENT CIA DIRECTOR PORTER GOSS were both part owners of a larger estate in Belize that was used for training the secret war of the Bush-Regan administration. Baby Bush appoints his Daddy's friend Porter Goss of the CIA, in other words.

continues, more things the film left out:


whatever 04.Apr.2007 04:49

good luck busting the other perpetrators

If even the promoters of this story don't think the guy was actually telling the real truth, it's hard to see how or why non-JFK-assassination-fans would be interested in this. If the guy's word isn't credible, and he's dead anyway, then who cares.

Most people in America, most people in the world, weren't even born when all this shit happened.

Why this is so important even today: 04.Apr.2007 07:51

Fred Bauer

JFK was assassinated in broad daylight before numerous witnesses and yet the official explanation was a transparent lie and a complicit media fell in line leading an indifferent, dumbed down public by the nose. If the people had the guts to stand up then and call a lie a lie then we would not have had a long string of debacles such as Vietnam, George W. Bush and 911.

THAT's why this is important.

back to the future 04.Apr.2007 19:54

fix it all with my magic time-traveling delorean

> If the people had the guts to stand up then and call a lie a lie

> THAT's why this is important.

That's why it WAS important, THEN, almost fifty years ago.

You can't go back and get the people to "stand up" in 1963.

Back to the future 04.Apr.2007 23:01

Fred Bauer

Do you agree that it's important to stand up about 911 NOW? Simple question. Yes or no. What do you say?

ooh changing the subject 05.Apr.2007 01:17

feel free to contribute to any of the 9/11 articles

JFK spookology does not contribute to 9/11 scholarship -- especially not a sketchy deathbed confession by some guy that even THIS ARTICLE asserts was not a credible person making an accurate statement. This doesn't PROVE anything to anybody, it just, hypothetically, might have embarassed the establishment of 1964, or 1967, if it had gotten out back then. It doesn't embarass anybody NOW because NOBODY CARES. Those people are GONE. This is not a smoking gun on JFK, this is just more noise, another excuse for people to tune out all "conspiracy people" because we're all paranoid spin doctors building castles out of mud, unable to keep track of what we're trying to prove and whom we're trying to prove it to.

JFK spookology DOES contribute to 9/11 scholarship... 05.Apr.2007 04:04

Bush watch

JFK spookology DOES contribute to 9/11 scholarship--because the Bushes are still there. The Bushes are in hegemony over America and their power derives from the dirt they have on others and themselves in murdering JFK.

clever of them to throw us off the track 05.Apr.2007 07:25

by behaving like incompetent maniacs this time

OK, let me see here ... GHW BUSH ... and twenty-two-year-old DICK CHENEY ... killed JFK ... and GOT AWAY with it ... and that makes them MORE POWERFUL ... because they have DIRT ON THEMSELVES ... and if you can FIND IT ... then it will PROVE 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

... just checking

just see the film and then attempt to write what you said 05.Apr.2007 07:45


"...and if you can find it."

It's already been found! See the film which summarizes the information.

Cheney is something you introduce into this just to play word games.

tell it to the judge 05.Apr.2007 14:17

or to the gun-totin' revolutionaries, if you can find any

Oh you don't have to prove any of this to ME. I never said all this JFK shit wasn't TRUE. The magic bullet convinced me long ago. I said it didn't MATTER. It's past the point of changing anything. There is nobody left who gives a damn but does not yet have an inflexible opinion. And at this point people with strong opinions on the matter are more likely to be converted away to the no-longer-give-a-shit camp than to the opposite strong opinion. Most of the crimes of the current regime are obvious and open, and people who are not offended by mass murder and torture are not likely to be disturbed by a few misattributed forty-year-old assassinations.

If you think you're going soon about to reach that hidden audience that's going to help you finally BLOW THE CASE WIDE OPEN and CHANGE EVERYTHING with your new JFK evidence, driving Herbert Walker into a Pinochet-like nursing-home-prison for the few years he has left, and/or SHOCKING THE SHEEPLE into RISING UP against their exploitation by THE EVIL FORCES, whichever particular evil forces you choose to demonize, then like I said, GOOD FUCKING LUCK. REALLY. I'm just not personally holding my breath.

Those who do not learn from history ... 05.Apr.2007 15:39

Jody Paulson

are doomed to repeat it.

Fred's right. George H. W. Bush was right in the middle of the JFK conspiracy. I once saw an eye-opening video (I think it's JFK II, which you can watch here  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2928756561478705121 )where they made all the connections between Hunt and Bush Sr., saying Hunt's own *mother* didn't have as many connections. Look into the Zapata oil company. Learn about Operation Northwoods. Look, these guys are all still around (Kissinger was originally set to head the 9-11 Commission, I believe both Cheney and Rumsfeld worked for Nixon). History has reprocussions that reverberate to this day. Look into the history of the Bushes, Skull & Bones, etc.

Do you think it's a coincidence that a company named "Kellogg, Brown and Root" is making money hand over fist because of our illegal imperialist wars?

Here's an old link from this site on the subject:

Even O'Reilly says the CIA did it; Bill O'Reilly Is a JFK Truther 05.Apr.2007 18:47

watch this

This is hilarious. (When did O'Reilly start to take Mockingbird money to spin for the Bush fascists? Certainly it was after his time on Inside Edition! The criminal elites of the USA must have some serious blackmail on O'Reilly the major liar--to have him in the palm of their hands now since he is so 'see no evil' about everything he spins in his Spin Zone program on Fox.)

Even Bill O'Reilly, when he was on Inside Edition, reports on Oswald's association with the CIA. Even reports that the CIA had infiltrated the official investigation to sabotage it and report back on what was going on. Gee Bill, here you are spouting a conspiracy theory that the CIA was involved in killing JFK! That's unamerican. Why do you hate this country, you two-faced hypocrite? I'm not saying that you should be fired, like you said Rosie should be fired for doing the same thing you did when you had a soul. I'm saying that Fox News has a BIG problem. Just when was it that you turned to the dark side? (3:39 min)


comments at that link and this link