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Antarctica Melting Faster than Expected

A leading Australian marine scientist John Church
in an interview by Michael Byrnes of Rueters told
of his research revealing that "Observations are in
the very upper edge of the projections,"(1)

"I feel that we're getting uncomfortably close to
threshold," said Church. "....the Antarctic Peninsula
is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth, and
glaciers are in massive retreat."

A United Nations report by the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in February
projected sea level gains of 18-59 centimeters
(7-23 inches) this century from temperature rises
of 1.8-4.0 Celsius (3.2-7.8 Fahrenheit). But that projection has been
called too conservative by David Parker at the Hadley Centre for Climate Change Research in Exeter. His three year study shows twice the rise in sea level predicted by the IPCC. (2)

James Hansen, the leading US climatologist agrees that the IPCC report underestimates sea level rise. Hansen points out that the IPCC center point of 3C (5.4F) increase in global average temperature is "inconsistent with the numbers that they gave for sea level," because they do not take into account the contribution of melting ice sheets ("Gorilla of Sea Level Rise").(3)

1) Antarctic melting may be speeding up, by Michael Byrnes
Mar 23, 2007
 link to www.reuters.com

2) World's sea levels rising at accelerating rate, by James Randerson and Ian Sample
February 2, 2007

3) Is the New UN Global Warming Report Too Conservative? by Brett Clark and John Bellamy Foster
February 17,07