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written by Sherman Austin
edited, and posted by Akwala
On January 24, 2002 I was surrounded by 25 federal agents from the FBI and Secret
Service Los Angeles Joint Terror Task force while I was at home asleep taking a nap.
The agents were armed with sub-machine guns, shot guns, bullet-proof vests, a
battering ram, and a 25 page search and seizure warrant filled with as much "terror
rhetoric" as they could think of. While asleep I was unaware that agents were
already positioned around every angle of the house, including right outside my
window with loaded weapons ready for a fire fight. I was 18.

Fortunately my sister was home and woke me up to the news that "a bunch of FBI
looking people" in suites and vests were all over block and up and down the
streets. Every single one of them focused on the house. It had only been 2 years
since I started the site Raisethefist.com which was receiving thousands of hits
daily from around the world, many of those hits were also coming from the FBI, U.S
Department of Defense, NSA, Secret Service, and foreign government law agencies. I
was running the site on a computer network and a residential DSL line from my home.

The news was no surprise.

I got up. Looked at the servers hosting Raisethefist.com. They were off-line.
I approached the door where 2 special agents asked for my name, then grabbed my
shoulder and pulled me outside. Agents armed with their loaded sub-machine guns and
shot guns emerged from their hiding spots and entered the house. Just as they
walked in, "Its this way!" one of the agents said as he pointed his sub-machine gun
and led others to my room where the servers were.

The 2 special agents who greeted me at the door escorted me back inside and said
they had a search and seizure warrant because of my web site, Raisethefist.com. I
asked them how this was legal and they said it was now legal under the USA Patriot

I wasn't being accused of authoring anything on raisethefist.com. I was being
accused of authoring a web site that was created by somebody else. A white kid. A
web site that contained a page on how to build home-made explosives. Again, a web
site I didn't author, implement, or create in any way. The FBI insisted I did. They
asked me 7 times if I was the author of the site which contained this explosives
information. I said "NO".

I had a link to this web site from Raisethefist.com , as I did to many other sites.
While my room was being ransacked. The "evidence" which consisted of computers,
protest signs, and political literature was loaded into boxes and placed into a big
white truck waiting outside.

The FBI tried to ask me questions about raisethefist.com. The FBI told my mother
they had been watching me for a very long time and my political haven't changed. I
was asked if I'd like to see the president killed. I was told I had crossed over a
line and as long as I got back on the other side of that line everything would be
okay. In other words if I stayed silent and did what I was told there would be no
more trouble.

After approximately 6 hours the FBI agents left. We noticed a message on the
answering machine from a call that came in the same day but before the raid. It was
from an individual I hadn't spoken to in 2 years. He left a message asking if I
wanted to "hang out". A few weeks prior he sent me an email about going to an
anti-capitalist demonstration together to "smash the state". I later learned the
FBI visited this individual, stood over his shoulder, and dictated the very words
he sent me in the email. And as for the phone call, this was also a setup. He was
an informant. The FBI forgot to black this out in the 1000+ pages of case

But that wasn't the only thing they forgot to black out.

The white kid who I mentioned earlier. The one who authored the site on how to
build home-made explosives. He was visited by the FBI as well. What did the agents
do? Arrest him? No. They confirmed he authored, implemented, and created the web
site on how to build Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, and other recipes, then they
left. What happened next? The FBI fabricated statements saying I admitted to
authoring, implementing, and creating the web site on how to build explosives.

2 weeks later federal prosecutors call my public defender and say the FBI didn't
find anything illegal on the computers they seized but didn't want to let me off
the hook. Basically they wanted me to sign a plea admitting guilt to something I
didn't do.This only happened after spending 2 weeks in a 24-hour lock-down maximum
security federal prison cell where I was only allowed out for legal visits, and my
closest neighbors on the cell block being those convicted for the U.S.S Cole
bombings and the bombings of the US Embassy in Kenya. I was called "terror boy".
Then of course I was released after 2 weeks when prosecutors decided not to indict
me on anything until they had gone through all of the computers. A 6 month period
of death threats, wire taps, harassment, government threats, being followed and
surveilled by undercover agents, sheriffs and local police continued..

I still continued to organized and refused to remain silent. The feds didn't like

"18 U.S.C. 842 (p)(2)(A): distribution of information relating to explosives,
destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction with the intent that such
information be used in furtherance of a federal crime of violence."
This was the statue written and sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein and passed
under Clinton's 1997 anti-terror law. It was never before enforced. Not until
August 4, 2003 when I was sentenced to a year in federal prison and 3 years
"supervised release". I was threatened with over 20 years in prison under the
terrorism enhancement. I was never indicted.

What happened to the white kid who actually wrote the explosives information and
put it on-line with the intent that it be used at an upcoming protest against the
International Monetary Fund in New York? Nothing.

The FBI walked out of the court room with smiles. My mom, family and friends were
in tears.

And of course It was only standard routine for the U.S injustice system. Another
young black male, railroaded by the system. Convicted and sentenced for a crime he
didn't commit.

I went in when I was 20 and got released in 2004 when I was 21. I lived with my mom
for the first few months when I got out. 2 undercover agents moved into an
apartment complex directly across the street. They kept the blinds on the windows
closed 24/7. We later learned they worked at the Westwood Federal Building. That's
the same federal building that the FBI on the case worked out of. Sometimes they
made the mistake of not taking off their security badges whenever they came and
left the apartment. It was a bad job of being undercover...

As was the entire case. A bad messy job. Fabricated evidence filled with
contradictions and obvious lies and allegations created by the feds. Yet the
obviousness of the truth wasn't enough. The blatant fraud, a blatant setup wasn't
enough to stop the judge from handing down a year prison sentence.

This case had nothing to do with information related to explosives being made
available to the public on the internet. If it did then I wouldn't be on the one
writing this right now with my pencil and paper as the stipulations of my probation
state I still can't touch a computer.

I would say to those who believe this is too far fetched to be true, just go look
at the case discovery and see for yourself. The obvious lies are supported by the
contradicting articles FBI agents forgot to black out. The truth is right there.
But recently we've learned that the entire case was SEALED by the feds.
Not even a lawyer can get access to the case files now.
However, a copy of the entire case discovery was obtained before this happened. And
that copy hasn't been sealed.

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General Case Background

On January 24, 2002 the FBI and the Secret Service armed with a search warrant
raided Austin's home. Austin was 18-years-old and home with his twin sister, agents
questioned him without an attorney for six hours and seized all of his computer
equipment and political literature.

A week later Austin attended the anti World Economic Forum protests in New York City where he was arrested by the FBI for "distribution of information related to explosives or weapons of mass destruction".

Conviction Austin an 18-year-old African American male, claimed that he never authored any
information about explosives. Nick, a 16-year-old white male from Orange County
admitted to authoring and posting the 'Reclaim Guide" on a free hosting space
located on Sherman's server. FBI dsicovery files referred to an area of the Raise
the Fist server ("www.raisethefist.com/exit ) which was entitled Reclaim Guide
authored by Nick, who was questioned by the Special Agent John I. Pi and never
admitted to authorship of the information.

The FBI never charged Sherman but instead coerced him into signing a plea for distributing Reclaim Guide. Sherman was cooerced into entering a guilty plea to violation of 18 U.S.C. 842(p)
which makes it a crime to distribute bombmaking information knowing or intending
that the information will be used for a violent crime. Sherman was never formally
charged with any crime.

The government threatened him with a "terrorism enhancement" to the charge under
the USA PATRIOT Act and, if the case went to trial and he was convicted of such, a
potential 20 year sentence. On August 4, 2003, he was sentenced in U.S. District
Court by Judge Stephen V. Wilson to 12 months in a federal jail, a $2000 fine,
three years probation, and as well as other restrictions. His time was served in a
federal institution in Tucson, Arizona.

Austin was released one month early in July 2004 with 3 years of probation which
prohibits him from having access to a computer as well as knowingly associating with
individuals who "espouse violence for political change".

Public opinion
In February 2006, Austin released a statement on Indymedia claiming that the
National Security Agency had installed illegal wiretaps before and during the
investigation against him.

Austin's mother, Jennifer Martin Ruggiero, is an outspoken advocate for her son.
Many Americans consider Austin a political prisoner. Since his arrest, Austin has
become a cause célèbre on the internet for anarchists, with many sites dedicated
to "freeing" Austin. Zack de la Rocha, lead vocalist of the band Rage Against the
Machine, came out in support of Austin.

Carnegie Mellon University professor David S. Touretzky, who posted a mirror of the
Reclaim Guide on his web site in reaction to the FBI raid on Austin, has not been
charged or arrested. Touretzky has distanced himself from Austin's politics, which
he characterizes as "mindless", and has dismissed the Reclaim Guide as amateurish.
He points out that books like Home Workshop Explosives, which offer better
information about making explosives, are sold on the popular website Amazon.com.

Background References related to the Raise the Fist Story of Patriot Act Abuse 31.Mar.2007 14:28


CALIFORNIA NIGHTMARE: The U.S. Government Wanted 'To Make An Example Out of Me': Young Webmaster Heads to Prison for Political Website
Democracy Now
September 3, 2003The 20 year-old Webmaster of a California-based site called raisethefist.com is to begin a yearlong prison term today. And when he gets out of prison next year, he will be banned from associating with anyone who wants to "change the government in any way."

Said he was a terrorist and denied bail. Shackled, flown to a federal jail hub in Oklahoma City If he had been convicted as a terrorist, he could have faced 23-24 years in jail so he took a plea bargain and ended up with a year in jail and three years probation.

The Patriot Act gives the government virtually unlimited powers by bypassing due process and canceling normal constitutional protections for anyone accused of terrorism, and it allows warrantless spying on groups designated "domestic terrorist threats." Because of the very broad definition of "domestic terrorism", groups as varied as Constitutionalists, Cyclist Rights Groups, Homeschoolers, and Peace Groups have been identified as potential domestic terrorists. Anyone fingered as a potential "terrorist" can be swept away into secret internment without judicial recourse. Evidence is leaking out of Europe that Bush political opponents could be detained in secret gulags. (See almartinraw.com December 19, 2005) The Patriot Act makes release of this information related to their detention illegal!

A beefed up and largely permanent Patriot Act was passed a year ago in March 2006. Since then, the Military Commission Act was passed by the Senate and signed into law October 17, 2006. The Military Commission Act should really just be called Patriot Act 3. It demolishes the Bill of Rights and leaves citizens at the mercy of the whims of government officials. In proposing and passing these laws, Bush and the Congress are united in destroying the very foundation of the United States of America.

Here's some music that tells it all:
Second American Revolution

Patriot Act Defines Terrorism Broadly to Include Many Crimes
What most Americans do not realize is that the government has its own special definition of "terrorist." The definition covers many activities including any action which uses force to change government policies--that could include a demonstration that blocks a freeway, for example.
One man was charged as a paper terrorist for complaining too much and sentenced to jail.
A Veteran was charged for complaining too much to the VA about his benefits from Gulf War I. Some high school offenses are now being defined as terrorist threats under the Patriot Act. These are just a few examples of the wide reach of the wide definition of "terrorist."

The Patriot Act in a Nutshell

Archive Link Patriot Act vs US Citizens

The FEDS Have A Lot To Hide 06.Jun.2007 14:52

James F. Marino peaceseeker12@hotmail.com

I've been reading about Sherman Austin's case and am not at all surprised that the FEDS used the Patriot Act to attack him.

He's using his Constitutional First Amendment Right to Freedom Of Speech,
to criticise the US Federal Government, and these modern day Nazi's simply can't allow this to happen.

The reason for this is that the US Alphabet agencies -- FBI, CIA, NSA, DoD, DIA, IRS et. al. are routinely breaking the laws of this country while violating the US Constitution.

And if challenged into a rational debate they can't possibly win it, so they instead choose to wantonly attack any persons who attempt to challenge them.

What these FEDS are doing to Sherman and a myriad of other Americans is typical of the tyrannical fascist police state that the USA has become since 9-11 (definitely an inside job by the way).

As for Sherman (if you get around to reading this) there's little doubt that he's being remote neural monitored by the NSA and its audio visual satellite spy system.

For more on this he should read my Website, since I have been an NSA satellite prisoner since roughly 1980, when this system was first put into place on a large scale.

All Americans would be prudent to peruse my Website since I am documenting some of the most outrageous crimes against an American citizen ever documented. Absolutely precedent setting crimes against humanity.

My blog is called " 9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations and it's located at the following URL:


Thanks for your time.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
United States Non Consensual Human Experimentee