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Video File: Let Peace Prevail.

An 8 minute video of the March 18, 2007 March to commemorate the fourth year of the Occupation of Iraq. The March followed right after a Rally in the South Park Blocks, and wound about 20 blocks through downtown Portland, eventually returning to the Park Blocks.

It was not a day to celebrate, though the human spirit rose up and found reason for joy and faith in some future release from the failure of war.

It was not a happy event, though there were smiling faces, dancing children and boisterous camaraderie.

It was not an event to curse the soldier, but to abhor the war, and support the humanity living and dying on both sides.

And it was a day to criticize, condemn and vilify an Administration sworn to continue this War, in the face of all common sense and unpopular opinion.

Music, signs, theater and chanting abounds, transcending the tragedy of the daily death of innocents and the slow evisceration of what America once stood for, and against.

Let Peace Prevail, RealPlayer

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Amazing Video! 21.Mar.2007 19:58


Good work on this amazing video! One sees and hears it all, the bells, the No War Drum Corps, the Radical Cheerleaders, the doves. I could cry. It is beautiful!

Appreciate The Sharing 24.Mar.2007 02:52

Ben Waiting

I didn't know why the bell was ringing so much (I do now)

Excellent GITMO mix with the music and orange/black hooded prisoners slowly walking by

A very fitting and with such a nice touch on working in the children part and slow piano music
Thank you for including that it was really necessary and deserving -

Thank you - for helping the world see and being able to share this heart felt message

Peace and Love is what I have Ben Waiting For