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Ashland Citizens Address Proposed Logging on Mount Ashland

(March 3, 2007, Ashland, Oregon) Concerned citizens, spiritual representatives from many Ashland churches, temples, and local tribes, met in Ashland's Lithia Park to honor and highlight the pristine Ashland Watershed. Concerns were highlighted about the Mount Ashland Association's proposal to log seventy acres of old-growth forests (for new ski runs), thus possibly impacting the Ashland Watershed.

A group of approximately fifty community members met in Lithia Park beside a gurgling stream, emphasizing the beauty and "lifeforce" of Ashland Creek and other areastreams, rivers, and its local watershed. The event was hosted by Grandmothers & Friends in Green, chaired by Angie Thusius, who opened the event by stating, "There are old-growth forests among this watershed. Their roots help to anchor the soil on the mountains. Our bodies are 70% water, and the planet is approximately 70% water, so we are gathering here today at Ashland Creek to honor the water in this area." Ms. Thusius formed her group last June after reading in the local Ashland newspaper that The Mount Ashland Association was "planning on logging seventy acres of old-growth forests for ski slopes." Noting that "worldwide watersheds are diminishing, and that we can all think about the future, preserve the Middle Branch (of Ashland Creek's East Fork) and keep it undisturbed." Pointing to the facts about Ashland's Mission Statement, she also added, "Our City (of Ashland), in terms of watershed issues, has the power to maintain and preserve our watershed from developments." Logging was to begin in early April, but now is postponed until June.

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