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Report from direct action yesterday in San Francisco

57 people were arrested for blocking Market Street yesterday, including myself and "Pentagon Papers" Daniel Ellsberg.
That's me ...
That's me ...
First, at around noon, there were many people (I'd say around 50) who lay down at the cable-car turnaround on market, though this was on the sidewalk and while there were many police there, no one bothered us. Later, we went up to Montgomery and many people lay down on the sidewalk, but then after that many went into the streets and lay down (including myself, but I got up after I was warned). About 45 people were arrested there, to lots of noise and a great band! After everyone was taken away, we followed the band to Powell and Market where many of us spontaneously just sat/lay down in the streets (again, including myself). So about 60 of us were arrested overall. We were taken to the station in paddy wagons, held for processing, and released within a few hours. I'd say the average age of those arrested was well over 50 (I recognized quite a few Quakers in the crowd), but there were a lot of young people in the crowd who gave us support. [original report at  http://indybay.org/newsitems/2007/03/19/18379302.php ]

Some good pictures from indybay.org:

Article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

[as an aside, I'm trying to start my own blog, and I'm beginning by posting a lot of my old essays I originally posted here on PDX Indy. I don't have my own computer so I haven't had a lot of time to work on it, but please check it out at  http://jpaulson.blogspot.com -- hopefully there'll be more to come soon]

homepage: homepage: http://jpaulson.blogspot.com

You go, Jody! 20.Mar.2007 11:21


excellent action!

gittin on down .......... 20.Mar.2007 13:32


.............. with yo bad self !
we need a few more like you up here in Little Beirut.
- thanx for sharing your dream -

Great job, Jody!! 23.Mar.2007 15:28


What a week we have had, eh?! Sounds like you are firing up the San Francisco crowd quite well, and I am impressed that you really went into the Belly of the Beast for the demonstration, at Powell and Market!! How cool that you were joined by Daniel Ellsberg!!

Keep up the fight!! We are winning against the Right!!


ps - newest sign... "BUSH - THE ANTI-AMERICAN"