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Insurance Fraud 2

This is the continuation of a group of poems including "Insurance", "Insurance Fraud" and "The Salvador Project"
These poems deal with fanatical doublespeak of the "christianization" of the Iran/Contra Scandal being recreated with far more reaching consequences by terrible tortures. Please follow Chiquita and get the names of the CEO's. It is an insurance fraud scam, that is where we will find the pay outs! THIS MONEY IS SUPPOSED TO BE LAUNDERED> It is not justice!
Insurance Fraud 2

It was a hot day in winter.
The hottest day of hell they could create on earth
When Chiquita Banana admitted to hiring private "mercenaries"
To kill the little boy Jesus's in Columbia.
Tiny nine year old Jesus's
Who came home after working at the factory
80 hour weeks
Only to be brutally murdered for asking about electricity
For his home
Electricity burned his skin
in the factory
from bulbs hanging to close.
Private "Christian mercenaries"
Insurance companies to assure the
Cute white conquistador men who had trouble with their "J's"
Who needed protection against union leaders.
Oh Coco Cola bottling plants!
Oh Chiquita bananas!
Cry! Cry for Jesus!

This is my son!
Have you seen him?
Please where has my little Jesus disappeared to?

Anonymity can be bought with a 25 million dollar pay off to the
JUST US - Justice system?
Jesus, Jesus, where was he lost?
These undisclosed officers of the court,
These unnamed Banana CEO's who made more that $25 million a year each
Are grinning from cheek to cheek
As Jesus, poor baby jesus is strung up on a tree
And tortured, tortured, tortured,
For asking,
Where my lord is the school?
Where my senor is the road?
Where is the electricity?
Where is the church?
Can you build us something so that
We may feel rich, too?
Build us one hospital, please senor, just one hospital...
You give us talk of faith and humility
Of the poor
But you torture us, kill us, rape us if we complain.
Private military goons
Who sing the very unchristian tunes
Of greed, murder, and deceit
Gather in Jesus name today.