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Introducing myself to portland

Introducing myself to the well-informed,active community in portland
Well, i just moved here and i wanted to use this forum to introduce myself and give my thoughts on the recent march 18 protest downtown.

The peaceful Rally that began that day was very impactive and it sent a very strong message to those that continue to believe that war is the answer. The gathering of, 15,000 ?, or so Oregonians was very impressive. A lot more than what i ever saw back in Chicago in 2002-2003, and i also have to add that it was a lot more organized. but, the march of the black bloc proved to me that we only have a bigger impact if we speak much louder. We need to break away from the established cattle-like parade route to make a bigger impact. The first protest was there to speak numbers but the bloc was there to speak action. The only way we can be heard is to disrupt the system and awaken the minds of those that are walking zombie-like and living in ignorance. in ignorance about what is really happening in our planet. in ignorance about the protest and it's meaning. the ignorance that flows through the veins of this country and through it's history.
The moment we walked unscheduled, down the commercial streets of downtown Portland and startled the shoppers and rich business that's when the police force was involved to protect them. But, most importantly, it was when it awoken minds and it stirred up feelings. We need to startle the corporate, oppressive, capitalist system and let them know that we won't be walked over anymore. Nothing will get done if we end up following a march like sheep, in between the borders they have created for us.
My opinion is that we need more organization. We need to really know each other, as activist, to trust one another and work together flawlessly. I was very impressed with the few, in comparison to the number at the beginning of the protest, that marched to the justice center and stood ground. To those few that confronted the oppressors and wouldn't budge. We need more of that. We need to unite.

I am still a novice to all this action, even though, i have been active in one way or another for many years now. I consider myself a novice when i seem to learn more everyday. When i continue to teach myself and learn from others. That is why i am so glad to be in this city, because i know i will learn a lot here. I hope to meet alot of you and work with you very soon. Keep me informed. I'll continue to look for study groups and meetings that i find time for as the months go by. I just hope you all have open arms for a new Oregonian.

Thank you,


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Glad to have you join us 20.Mar.2007 02:45


It's encouraging to hear your voice. There is organizing and building going on, working to setup a base of support not just a flash in the pan action. To not just build resistance to fascism and authoritarism but building a culture of resistance. When people of all degrees of politics on the left realize that peace parades on the anniversary of a illegal war is not going to cut it. The peace parades should be going on every month if the liberals believed that would change the world. We need to up the resistance to a level unseen for years, people have to take that big step forward. Believe me, the future generations will thank you and you will be able to tell tales and live history.

The riot police are a bunch of weak minded paid thugs with sticks and fancy weapons.

Building a community based on understand and willingness to work with a diverse set of tactics is a must. No one has all the answers or should act like they do, we have to come together in whatever small projects we CAN and work on building from there. I don't care what happened in the past, it's in the past and we are the future blazing a new path.

Just my piece of the puzzle