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Sizzlin'! Bend's Peace Parade

Several photos by Clyde Keller from Saturday's Sizzlin' Peace Parade capturing the flavor of the day's events from some of the 300 participants who came to voice their oppostion to the Irag War. Similar marches were held nationally over the St. Patricks day weekend. The "Imagine Peace" March was organized by Ray Duray with the support of many concerned Citizens including Businesses and Professionals. Organizations such as the Central Oregon Progressive Alliance, C. O. Peace Network, Deschutes Democrats, Central Oregon labor Council, Human Dignity Coalition, Amnesty International, World Can't Wait, Sierra Club and others helped to attract many participants who each contributed with various forms of anti-war expression including placards [as pictured] costumes and theatrical props such as stilts. The grouped marched to City Hall taking a tour through the main downtown arterials leading to a grand loop moving away from and back to the downtown area, culminating at the historic "Old Church" where films were shown.
Brandis Square At Noon, Bend, Oregon
Brandis Square At Noon, Bend, Oregon
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