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Injured/sprayed yesterday?

Contact the Northwest Constitutional Rights Center (NWCRC) at 503-295-6400.
But Most Importantly: have the injury documented by a medical professional (if you don't have access to one, call the street medics at 503-233-3194).

If you can't get in to see someone today, have a friend take a picture of the injury (if it's visible such as bruises, cuts, etc.) Use a film camera, if possible. It holds up better in court.

If you think you are experiencing symptoms of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), please call the medics, they will direct you to resources that can help.

Write down everything you remember NOW before you forget the details.

If you have pictures or videos of the incident, that is fantastic, however, don't post them on the internet. Sometimes this evidence can be used against you or other people. Please have someone at NWCRC or PLDN view the material. Pass this info on to everyone you know who had a camera or videocamera.

Brutal, Thuggish PIGS Attack Peaceful Demonstrators 19.Mar.2007 13:03

Damos Abadon KoldPhraust@hotmail.com

Yesterday on March 18th, there was an anti war/anti injustice demonstration held across the the street from the "Justice" Center in downtown Portland. Contrary to what the Oregonian refered to as "anarchists" (LIARS!), it was a completely PEACEFUL rally. We were all surrounded by dozons of riot/bicycle/horseback cops. Early on the police would advance into the street & simply grab anyone (one or two at a time) who was out in the street (3rd Ave.) Most of US were on the sidewalk & in the park directly across the street from the "Justice" Center. I watched 7-8 heavily armed & armored police tackle a young woman simply for being in the street, 3 feet away from the curb.

At one point, the dozons of Police Gestopo advanced NOT ONLY into the street, but ACROSS 3rd Ave. & ONTO the sidewalk were many peaceful activists were. These NAZI THUGS immediatley started beating, macing, tasering, & clubbing unarmed, non-violent activists! Dozens of bicycle cops, posistioned on opposite ends of the Park (Madison & Main) simotaniously advanced [directly into] the park & started beating/capturing people. I MYSELF was attacked by no less than 8 riot cops. They smashed my head into the sidewalk & tasered me, AFTER i was already handcuffed. One man (one of 3 other people arrested along with me) wasn't even part of the demonstration! He was simply a random person standing at a busstop. But he attacked by bicyle cops , beaten with billyclubs, & maced heavily. This man sat with us (the other arrested men, myself included) for more than TWO hours soaked with pepper spray without any water!

This all took place not in the street, but on the sidewalk & in the park, where we had every damn right to be!

I wanted to state this, for the record.

(503) 752-3459

riot cops 19.Mar.2007 15:08

anarchists? drosenfeld33@hotmail.com

Funny how quickly the cops were out in their riot gear after the sanctioned protest ended? What's a protest anyway when we're told where to march and for how long?

I too witnessed the thuggish cops outside the Injustice Center on 3rd Avenue yesterday. The only reason I stuck around, and perhaps many others stayed for the same reason, was because the police looked like they would do something stupid. Tear gas and bean bags get publicity. The crowd itself was peaceful. The cops swarmed one woman for standing about three feet off the curb. At that time, the riot cops charged the crowd up to the curb. One near me was swinging his fists at people standing on the sidewalk. Later, the cops moved into the park from behind, marching like an army and intimidating people with their horses.

Mostly, my reasons for writing, is to say how much I admired the young woman, about four-feet tall, who bravely stood in the middle of the street, trying to urge everyone to join her. We all, about 300 at that point, had ample time to fill the street, but virtually no one did. If we had, there surely would have been a riot with mass beatings, aside from those who did get a billy club or pepper sprayed yesterday. Instead, they swooped up on the young lady and dragged her along the pavement.

We should keep this energy going, plan a more organized, unsanctioned march on this site, where we all fill the streets quickly and march right into their police lines until they arrest all 500 of us. Imagine a day when people in every city shut down every major bridge or thousands of people get arrested trying. If that happens across the country, someone has got to get the picture. Let Portland be the flame that lights the anti-war movement's ass.

maybe next time 19.Mar.2007 15:28


Sometimes we don't do the right thing the first time.
Some of us jump in feet first, some head first and others dip a toe first.
The point is to keep coming and trying to make a difference.
I like the idea of a whole march laying down in the street as simulated dead.
It's all about the pictures.

rumor ? 19.Mar.2007 22:56

kim sky

aparently a female protester had her spleen broken and was taken to the hospital ?

any info about her?


most frightening protest ever 20.Mar.2007 10:40


I was on SE Grand heading toward the protest when I saw the police riot team emerge. I must confess, I decided then and there not to join the protest late. I really didn't understand it, because I had not heard anything about protesters getting out of hand. Yet these cops were going in in full riot gear. Now that seems like it would be a serious situation, if you're a cop and you're asked to don riot gear and engage a group. But these guys were smiling and obviously laughing and joking about the situation as they headed in.

So they obviously didn't feel like they were in danger. So why the use of riot gear? And if they were so jovial and relaxed about the situation, why were they deployed at all? Couldn't Chief Sizer just have them on standby? Why do something so provocative when you have a peaceful protest underway? If things did get out of hand, they could have been on scene in just a few minutes. Sizer was quoted on the news on Friday saying she expected a peaceful protest, so why have riot police out when there is no riot? Remember four or five years ago when they just had some horse mounted cops to keep people on the march route and make sure nobody got violent? I remember actually exchanging smiles and waves with the police then.

Bottom line is that the current PoPo leadership is even worse than before. Potter hasn't done jack to promote his friendly community police promise.