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The Salvador Project

A poem.
Let me talk to you for a moment
On the Salvador project.
Let me take you back
To the old profits.
In case you forgot what happened.
There were thousands of young boys
Named jesus and you don't need
To pronounce it in conquistador Spanish
But say it with your English accent.
Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.
All of them named Jesus.
10, 11, 12, some as young as nine.
Disappeared Jesus.
See his photograph on the placard raised high on wooden cross in protest.
See his face bruised.
See his face floating on the water.
See his face and see the Salvador project.
There goes jesus.
Dead for United Fruit Bananas.
Dead for Corn.
Dead for some profit,
Some sad republican's profit.
See the tax breaks and the insurance scams,
See him sign the paper to pay 1.2 million dollars
To higher secret death squads.
See Jesus dying, tortured in every country in south and central America.
No country, no borders, just economic trade policies for CEO profits
Come on and hear!

Come on and hear!
Listen to what happened to Jesus.
You read the papers.
You saw the faces of nine year old pacifist male soldiers.
You saw them begging for electricity.
Begging for running water.
Begging for schools.
Begging for roads.
Begging for clothes.
Begging for health care as the old poultices are outlawed.
And working
Working, working, working
Never stop working.
60 hour days.
White man CEO come and recruit Dora
For the maquiladora.
And she is found dead along the borders.
Oh but these boys! Oh but 9 -years -old and
Always working 60 hour days to beg for human rights
And you watch the Salvador Project.
Every Bush Crony called up to defend
His brutal attacks on Rigobertu Menchu.
Called for solidarty on the Iran/Contra scandal.
Slight of hand and twist of fate.
Bush Junior takes up all these convicted criminals
And takes there pardoned souls and
Runs them over to Iraq
For covert actions
So that the torture may never stop
Against Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
He said he met with god and
God spoke to him and told him to torture Jesus in Iraq
This is the Salvador project that we must stop.
You and I my people,
My sweet innocent lambs,
Must listen to the plight of children
Before the guns invade iran
For see the children,
With hair like a lambs and big beautiful eyes
As they torture them before they die.
This is a war for profits, false gods they erect images of themselves.
False Gods they have erected images of themselves!
Save Jesus. Please.
It is not too late.