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Portland Police Still Selectively and Tactically Closing Sidewalks!

At the end of the large peace March in Portland Sunday, groups of Protesters went wandering peacefully on the sidewalks to vocally let mesmerized Portland consumers know there was still a war going on (and with most deaths civilian). The Porland police repeatedly used bicycles and horses to "close" sidewalks and corral and route selectively.
This tactic of Police ad hoc closing sidewalks has been ruled unconstitutional and illegal under Oregon law. I believe the City of Portland appealed as well, and that the appeals court also ruled it an illegal practice. A policeman can arrest you for doing something else illegal, but without a court order (and without ongoing illegal actions such as in a "riot"), the policeman can't just close off the sidewalks the way they were doing repeatedly on 3rd avenue today. When pedestrians asked why they couldn't proceed on the sidewalk, the police said "Because I said so." They also bragged that they didn't have a court order. To change this practice in the future, I think people will have to challenge and risk arrest. I think the police know they don't have this authority and will probably back down, but if they don't, and you are willing to risk arrest, I think you would win in court, or your charges would be dropped, and the City of Portland would eventually fork over a few thousand dollars to you in a civil settlement out of gratitude for defending the consititutional rights off all. Even Republicans.

copy of order 19.Mar.2007 08:34


If anyone has a copy of the order and could share......