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Peace March Photos

really good photos. some are my friends, but just thought that i would share.




thanks, those are great pictures 18.Mar.2007 23:41


So it looks like the first set (first link) is cops.

The second and third set seem to be mostly of the march, with some of the creative actions.

The fourth set has some flag and effigy burning, the grave markers, and some of the costumes and props.

All in all I'd say you captured quite a bit of what happened. Thanks for sharing.

order of photos sets 19.Mar.2007 00:19


yeah sorry i posted the links in the wrong order. but thank you for summing up what they were.

again anyone wants any specific photos. i have some that i didnt post.

email me with questions comments anything.

PLEASE NOTE 21.Mar.2007 19:49


I, nor my friends were a part of the events taking place, the soilder and flag being burnf in effigy are not activites that i or my friends condone.

please please please know this.