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Photogs of M18 March

Some photogs of the March today, March 18, 2007, winding through the streets of downtown Portland after the Rally at the South Park Blocks.
I arrived late, just as the march was beginning. No way to estimate the size of the crowd, but, I know that as it finished passing by me I hurried back to where it began and the march was just arriving back at the park.

Probably 15 blocks of a fairly tightly packed march.

Going on the fifth year of our aggression against the people of Iraq. What's it take to bring this country around to the enormity of its error? Marches and rallies gather the community together and let us know that we are not alone. We see the stranger beside us, and know that this Occupation eats at their soul as it does our own.

We see those who have served in the armed forces now speaking out against the war, against the illegal and immoral Occupation of another country.

We see the children, children who in Iraq go without the necessities of life, let alone the comforts, let alone the luxuries we enjoy, while our tax money is squandered to enrich a few unscrupulous and fearful demagogues.

We see each other, and know that we are all outraged at what America has become, what America has allowed itself to become.

Today was a good day in the streets of Portland. Most marched in line with the rules; many did not, and challenged the established order, defying the police who exist solely to enforce the rule of the guilded few over the increasingly awakening many.

Marching and Rallying emphasizes our soldarity, but this is only one of many avenues to peace.

If we go home, lay aside our signs and wait for the next such event, we lose the momentum we gained side by side, making music and dancing in the streets, chanting truth to power and throwing our fury at the tightly organized mob of darkly padded police.

For myself, as at every such event, I have gained a deeper insight into the depth, breadth and extent of our growing disaffection with those who rule us so incompetently in our name.

For those of you who could not attend, hopefully these pictures will bring you some idea of the Resistance, sombre and often angry, but also at times creative and joyful.

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thanks, Jim, excellent photos 18.Mar.2007 23:34


I really liked the 4th row photos of people in costume, though you captured a lot of great signs as well. And you can never go wrong with pictures of the radical cheerleaders nor creative actions like coffin processions and Guantanamo prisoner marches.

March For Peace - video 19.Mar.2007 00:19

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here Is a 5 min video of the beginning of the Peaces March

Nice Pictures Jim

Nice pics Jim 19.Mar.2007 01:16

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I think you were almost right next to me for a few minutes. Here's a couple to add to yours, I hope it's okay.

lady liberty, now
lady liberty, now
a better shade of patriotic
a better shade of patriotic

more pictures and video 19.Mar.2007 07:38


First video I took just after being pepper sprayed (hence a bit chaotic). Check blog for surreal storm trooper pictures. Where was Darth, anyway?


Embarrasing Lack of Self Control 19.Mar.2007 10:47

Candice Kay Niner

Truth is truth, where'ere tis found, and time cannot make false that which was once true. -- Edward DeVere

I was at the one in San Francisco 19.Mar.2007 11:04

Jody Paulson

It's interesting to compare impressions ... the march in Portland seemed more youthful, grim, and definitely more militant than ours . I couldn't help but notice the police were all in riot gear -- I was actually greeted with a smile and a "have a nice day" by a cop on my way to the protest! The weather was better over here, maybe that made a difference. We had a lot of great bands over here and lots of people were dancing. But I'd say the over-all composition of the San Francisco march skewed many years older than what I saw in the Portland march.

The news said a "few thousand" people showed up at our march. That's crap. There were at *least* 10,000 ... organizers said there were 40,000.


Four years have gone ... 19.Mar.2007 11:31

Team Splashi info@bosnapearl.com

Thank you for you photos, here are some that I took @ the rally in the park blocks, before the march .Let me know if I can help in future.

at the park
at the park

Keep up the momentum 19.Mar.2007 11:58


We were at the march yesterday. And then joined the "splinter" group. We also noticed that there were alot of young people at this march. I think it was a GREAT thing to see. As they are the ones coming into this stuff. The media always puts a negative spin on the so called "slpinter" group. In my opinion, we need to have this group. They really are the ones making the noise, and making a difference. Not that the thousands of people there didn't make a difference. They did, and it gave some attention to the cause. But opening up ones mouth to protest goes a long way!! One woman said to me yesterday...you need to be quiet. Quiet???? Isn't this the same mind set that child molesters work on?? If we are all quiet, then it will be OK. Are you kidding me?? We need to stand up, we need to make noise, we need to be noticed!! The police were a joke yesterday! Why are we getting pepper sprayed?? Because we spoke our minds?? Isn't there a thing called freedom of speech? And isn't that what we were doing? I didn't notice an assualt on anyone from the splinter group. But the cops in all their gear, well they pretty smug about it all. That needs to stop. People need to stop being afraid of them, as that is what keeps them in control. What is the point of the protest, if everything stays the same and nobody hears us?? I'm totally against throwing things, and hurting people. No. But open our mouths?? HEll YES!!!

How do you suggest we keep this momentum, of being heard, alive??


as Bush does, change tactics 19.Mar.2007 14:53


If all 10,000 had laid down in the streets yesterday it would have helped. They can arrest or beat 10,000. Like someone else said, if the cops had then gassed, beat and rode their horses into us it could have jump started the whole country. Summer is coming.....

Great Photos! 19.Mar.2007 18:06

Damos Abadon KoldPhraust@hotmail.com

Thank you soo much for posting these photos. The police weren't the ONLY ones who had cameras!

photos of m18 burnside bridge 25.Mar.2007 19:18

will_workforf_ood workforf_ood.livejournal.com

i posted some photos to my blog.