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Josh Harper & fellow SHAC 7 defendants update

Several of the SHAC7 defendants need your support now more than ever! Please read further for updates on the ridiculous punishments they're dealing with inside prison.

Josh Harper and Jake Conroy are both currently on indefinite lock-down in prison, which for them means no access to what few vegan food options they'd had (read: little to no eating), loss of most (if not all) of their possessions, loss of phone "privileges", and being locked inside a cell all day every day. Josh is in "the hole"; he was taken there yesterday and not given a reason why. There was a fight at the prison where Jake is, and so his unit has been locked down. Both are okay, but extremely in need of letters to keep them sane through this!!

Lauren Gazzola and Andy Stepanian have also recently lost phone privileges for 6 months, depriving them of an important means of contact with the outside. And though not currently suffering these extra punishments, Darius and Kevin are still suffering the deprivation of being imprisoned for voicing their beliefs.


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