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Just one picture from the peace parade today

Message to Bush, Ahmadinejad, Mssr. Bonaparte, Victoria Toensing, LBJ, RMN and other assorted creeps --

Unfuck the world!
This is the one picture that I took today that is worth sharing.

It's not just Bush. It's him and his peers. His class. The ruling class. War is nothing to them but a path to glory. I mean when was the last time "the people" waged a war?

And it's not just war. It's injustice. It's lack of give-a-damn about our one world. It's the worldview that pits us vs. them.

And it's not them that are the problem it is us. All of us in one way or another.

But today I got a free hug. Diesen Kuss der Ganzen Welt -- she would of if she could of.


So True 18.Mar.2007 20:31


You are right on the money about it being his peers. Especially now with Karl Rove refusing to comment on Valerie Plame.

still the same 19.Mar.2007 11:25


Somehow we grew up thinking of ourselves as enlightened about thirty years ago as we protested the Vietnam war. We thought we were slowly laying to rest the old guard and that future generations might not suffer the horrors of war so that a small privelaged class could reep the profits. As I listen to conversation among my own peers and those a generation youger, and realize they are reciting and parroting talking points from right wing talk shows, I know we weren't liberated or enlightened. Some of us may have resisted and followed the wisdom of great leaders like Martin Luther and Albert Einstein who knew how wrong war was, but most have remained or joined the ranks of the hollow man swallowed up by materialism & fascism.
That monsters like those in the Bush administration are still ruling the world,
leaves the rest of us little chance at survival.
When I can turn my TV on and see Alberto Gonzolas and his henchmen swinging from the gallows as we did Saddam Hussein, and see those that betrayed justice by appointing him swinging next to him, then I will know that a generation has acheived enlightenment & liberation. Then I will know that it is OK to have hope once again.