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Instant runoff voting needs support

we have a real chance of getting an irv bill passed by the oregon legislature. but we need your help to do it. On Wednesday, March 14, the House Committee on Elections, Ethics & Rules held a hearing on HB 2761, which would allow cities and counties to use IRV for local elections. Although similar legislation has been introduced several times before, this is the first time the bill has ever received a hearing. We're really close¬ówe just need to pick up one more vote.

PLEASE CONTACT THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS IMMEDIATELY and express your support for HB 2761. Call, write or email the Committee members. If you're sending an email, put HB 2761 in the subject line. Here is a sample letter. It is especially important that Representative Roblan be contacted, as he is a potential swing vote. If you know of people in Coos Bay, North Bend, Reedsport or Florence, they are Rep. Roblan's constituents and should be encouraged to contact him.

Comment: IRV on Public Access T.V. For those of y ou who have cable, the Public Access television program, "A Growing Concern" on this last Friday night featured David Delk of the Portland Alliance for Democracy speaking about Instant Run Off Voting. Along with David, Barbara Dudley, of Oregon Working Families Party spoke about HB 3040, which will institute Fusion voting for the state of Oregon. This program will replay on Sunday evening at 10:00 on channel 23 and again on Thursday at 10:00 on channel 22.

comment: I support IRV for a foot in the door then with wider competitive parties mattering, work for more... IRV will have the pragmatic effect of having corporate parties working for it, which will get it past the gatekeeping door. Either way it is interpreted, IRV has difficulties itself. It is at best a half-step toward a more optimal democracy--though perhaps an important half step.

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