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The Bumblebees are up to their old tricks.

The Bumblebees are up to their old pepper spraying tricks.
Towards the end of the march a group marched towards Burnside and were stopped infront of Carl Greve's by the police. There was massive use of pepper spray initially. However, once things had calmed down and the police were in their alignments it continued to happen. A woman was standing 4 feet away from the police line of for officers chanting "This is what a police state looks like" she was not flipping the police the finger and she was not using any profanity. She was not asked to move, and she never made any attempt to get closer to the police line. She made no gesture of violence, or of any other kind. She just stood there chanting "This is what a police state looks like" when an officer randomly sprayed pepper spray in her face. After the prick police assholes payed out $300,000 for excessive pepper spray force for another protest and promised it wouldn't happen again, guess what, IT DID. To the organizers of the protest YOU CAN NOT TRUST THE POLICE. They lie, they manipulate, and deceit is one of their main character traits. I keep hearing from the organizers of these marches that they are cooperating with the police, but this cooperation is still harming the people protesting. This woman was on the sidewalk, chanting, standing still, she was acting in a non violent fashion, and it didn't matter. You wore t-shirts saying peacekeeper, you failed to do so, and a citizen who was abiding by the law and excising her constitutinal rights had to pay the price.

unfortunately free speech isnt free a price tag is attached 18.Mar.2007 19:19

Tak (thank you in danish)

To all the protesters and especially the zombies thanks for taking time to express yourself and call out the state for its lack of justice in all things. Thanks for having the courage to stand up for yourselves and for your strength and solidarity.

Above report 18.Mar.2007 19:27


From the above report, it sounds like the police DELIBERATELY sprayed the chanter in the face, and that it was NOT "random."

I'm sorry to hear of the above. It was an AWESOME gathering of maybe 25,000 ?. It was so thick with people, you couldn't get around much. Weather was perfect, not cold nor wet. Wonderful day! I left after the march. There were all sorts of signs and costumes. I liked "TRASHY CHICKS FOR PEACE." Cool to see my peace friends.

Behind the scenes witness 18.Mar.2007 19:59

2+2 != 5

These guys on bikes were bringing up the rear. Following the end of the march. They were hanging out on the corner following the tail end of the marchers. Lounging at the curbside, relaxed they seemed -- the march was over and the marchers past, just another day on the beat. Until there was a call on their radio. Then they all got energized, ennervated and motivated. What I saw in the gleam of their eyes was sudden bloodlust and nothing less. They knew they would not be disappointed, they know they were going to have their fun.

I did not know what was going on around the corner. I just saw call the call come through and saw the orders given, and the word spread. And what I saw was intangible, nothing that would stand in a court of law. But it was real and not imagined, but I imagined arrests and busted heads.

pics 18.Mar.2007 21:06

rachael rpalink@linfield.edu

i have more pictures from the days events if anyone is interested in seeing them shoot me an email

With Cops in Your Face 19.Mar.2007 00:16

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

The police presence was so high that one might say that they seemed to be marching along side of the protesters, as if they themselves were participants in the dissent.

But in reality, they were escorting the marchers just as if they were escorting prisoners to other destinations within their jail. Been there, done that, I know it when I see it...

mass pigs
mass pigs

wow 19.Mar.2007 03:19

any pics of the po po?

I saw tons of people taking pictures of the cops downtown today during the peace rally. Anyone posting them so we can see their faces (or possibly name tags)? It might help later on in identifying them....

Proverbial "Bottom Line" 19.Mar.2007 08:27

Den Mark, Vancouver

Bottom line once again for "The Big March" is that a few thousand well-meaning people achieved happy-happy catharsis, cop-thugs had their demonic way, a couple hundred brave radicals were abandoned by liberal peaceniks, & media got it all wrong. What's new; it's all happened before. I attended small unpermitted protest up north but then returned south & into Portland to see that only a radical few had remained, busy liberals having hurried home to waiting suppers after permits ran out. Do i have better suggestion? Yes: people should not have gone home. Did i myself go home? Yes: because city core cannot be held by 200 people. Independence Square in Kyiv was held by thousands. It's okay that "Big Marches" happen, i think, but nobody should make them out to be more than they are. A few thousand people gathered do not a progressive movement make. Witness rose festival parades. How are anti-war marches different. What WOULD be great is if eleven thousand, or however many, people who marched within the lines yesterday were jamming congressional phone lines today, were forming lines at congressional offices today, were lining up at corners in their neighborhoods for peace witness today, & then the next day, & then the next day, & then the next day. THAT would be a better "bottom line". Since that won't happen, likely someone is already applying for permits for next year's "Big March".

Got Sprayed 19.Mar.2007 15:17

anonymous vaygunporvida@gmail.com

If anyone has pictures of a girl who got sprayed, it may have been me. I got hit at point-blank range by a 'bumblebee' somewhere around Schumaker's and I know at least one person got a photo (I couldn't really see shit, but I saw someone in front of me with a camera while I was getting water poured into my eyes). The only evidence I have is my bandanna, which was covering my face and hasn't been washed. Any info would help. Thanks.

pics 20.Mar.2007 18:37


By Carl Greves
Taking a picture of me taking a picture of him
Taking a picture of me taking a picture of him

Cop photos 29.Mar.2007 04:02

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I have a few photos of the cops, a couple of which I have gleened names off of. I've made a composite of the rest that I have or have found, asking for anyone to tell me who they are.

Shoot me an email and I'll send you what I have.


But then I'll want you to share some of yours with me...