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Quitting smoking

I need some help getting my friend to quit smoking, possibly by trickery.
A close friend of mine recently began smoking at the age of 21. He has never been known for his wise decisions, and for this reason I feel the need to step in and help him quit before he smokes long enough to get really hooked. I have heard of an herb that I could sneak into his cigarettes that would make him feel nauseous when he smokes it. Does anyone know of such a concoction?

Voice of experience 16.Mar.2007 22:44


Dear OK
Your friend needs to WANT to stop smoking. You cannot do it for him. I smoked for 25 years before I WANTED to stop. It has now been 15 years since I had my final cigarette. No one could do it for me I had to do it by myself and for myself. I had support from family and friends but the decision and effort had to come from me. Talk to your friend. Let them know you care. Suggest they check into a stop smoking class and offer to go with them for moral support. The longer they smoke the more damage is caused to them, those around them and the environment, more money wasted, and harder to stop. Good luck. You sound like a good friend to have.

Hooked but not Helpless 17.Mar.2007 10:28


I hate to say it but your friend is addicted. Nicotine is highly addictive and it often takes just a few uses to start a life-long compulsion. Addicts NEVER want to stop using. At some point, addicts end up wanting things (life, money, breathing, etc...) more than their drug and at that point they may be willing to go through withdrawl.

For a young smoker there isn't much you can do. If they aren't addicted, they should stop immediately and NEVER play with the nasty buggers again. Addiction to nicotine will cost the average smoker $50,000+ (pack a day over 20 years, plus mints, ruined clothes, etc.). Ask your young friend if he'd rathere have $50k for vacations, family, a car, etc. or does he want to give his money and his life to the tobacco companies?

I would ask them to really look at smoking as a drug delivery system. Have him try and understand why he really smokes. Advertising and peers who smoke will try to make it seem cool, sophisticated and rebellious. The truth is, smoking tastes like crap and nicotine is the most worthless buzz of all after you've had your first 5-10 smokes. After that, most addicts are just on maintenance where they have to consume nicotine just to FEEL normal.

I would also provide as much factual information as possible. Do you know what nicotine is? It is an insecticide derived from tobacco. It is one of the most highly regulated chemicals in the USA because of its toxicity. 40 milligrams will kill a human.

Good luck!

oh please 17.Mar.2007 19:31


"Addicts NEVER want to stop using."

That sounds like a rather broad (and dumb) generalization. I smoked for over 12 years and WANTED very much to quit, as difficult as it was. I finally quit because I WANTED to. Let's try not to make stupid remarks based on preconcieved prejudices (or whatever lame reason it may be).

Knowledge is your best asset in quitting... 19.Mar.2007 16:11



And though smoking is an addiction, you can quit when you are ready to commit to it!! Use www.quitnet.com, a free international network of people in various stages of quitting, and you will learn so much of value to quitters at all stages of the quit. It has an internal email server, a Quit-gadget that calculates the number of cigs. not smoked from a quit date, $$ saved, etc., lists of anniversaries, and general camaraderie.

I quit almost six years ago, cold-turkey, after 25 years of smoking, and the Q was a real help.

Good luck to your friend and all the quitters out there!!

Keep the Quit!! (KTQ!)