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Volunteer with Street Roots

Volunteer with Street Roots
Subscription runner:
Street Roots is looking for a volunteer to take 250 newspaper subscriptions from the Street Roots office at 211 NW Davis to the main post office 12 blocks away - twice a month on the first and third Fridays of the month. (2 hrs a month)

Rose City Resource Volunteer:
Volunteer is needed to conduct a survey with more than 300 agencies listed in the Rose City Resources. Estimated time: 20-40hrs. Must know Excel and have good communications skills.

General assignment reporter:
Street Roots is looking for a reporter to commit for three to six months on reporting general news for the newspaper. Ideally, this person will have some experience in writing reports, but newspaper experience is not necessary. This person should be comfortable interviewing people and observing meetings to report on the larger stories in the news. We are a small staff and need people who are self-motivated and eager to explore the issues of social and economic justice.

This person would need to attend monthly editorial committee meetings, and communicate regularly with the managing editor. Work published in the paper is also submitted for publication in street papers around the world along with the writer's byline.
The job would require between 5 and 10 hours a week, depending on the projects this person is working on, and could be worked jointly from home and from the office, as needed.

This is a three to six month commitment and there is no pay, but this position is ideal for a student in journalism looking to add to his or her portfolio.

Political satirists:
We are looking political satirists to produce cartoons for Street Roots newspaper. The cartoon should be relevant to the current affairs related to the issues of economic and social justice, in keeping with the mission of Street Roots. Great combinations of humor, irony and timely insight are preferred. We publish 8,000 newspapers every two weeks. This is a volunteer opportunity, and could be filled by more than one individual.

Crossword editor:
Street Roots is seeking a crossword puzzle editor to produce a regular feature in each edition of the newspaper. The puzzles need to be accurate, original and fun for readers to engage in. They can be developed outside of the office and delivered every two weeks for publication. This is a non-paid, volunteer position, but the creator will be credited in the newspaper.

For more information go to www.streetroots.org or call Israel Bayer or Joanne Zuhl at 503-228-5657

homepage: homepage: http://www.streetroots.org