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Wilson Students Forced to Remove Peace Window Paintings

Wilson High School in Southwest Portland's activism club Students for Social Justice(SSJ) over the past month have painted the windows of many classrooms at the school, using water soluble paints, displaying the word "Peace" in five languages along with doves and peace signs. This was meant to support the non-political idea of peace. After a parent complaint a legal adviser for Portland Public Schools has asked that the display be removed with the reasoning that in allowing the windows to be included in free speech, other messages could be displayed similar to graffiti. While a large portion of Wilson's staff has encouraged the students, the students have agreed to remove the display from the windows as the janitorial staff would be forced to if they did not.

SSJ is still dedicated to the promotion of peace. In response to the request for the removal of the display, a group of students created a poster declaring "Let Peace Be Heard", and after refusal of the administration to allow the poster to be displayed on walls carried the poster during lunch and passing times.
Students protesting the removal of the window paintings.
Students protesting the removal of the window paintings.
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