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0315 Get This

Summary of the KBOO am news for Thursday, March 15th, 2007.
0315 Get This
0315 Get This
03/15/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Angers Away! The ship loaded with 300 Stryker vehicles and assorted other 'wehrmacht' , set sail for Hell but tempers are still running high. The protesters at the Port of Tacoma took the war to the court of world opinion - and it couldn't have happened at a better time.
2. Bill Me: Three of four Senators from Oregon and Washington - guess which three? - voted in favor of Democratic-backed legislation calling for the withdrawal of US troops... tied to the military spending bill, which is tied to Republican nuts. Nancy Pelosi wants the troop withdrawal issue separated from the spending bill... where it can conveniently be shot down...
3. Fireballs Of Freedom: The Government Accountability Office says that an attack on a LNG tanker would cause a mile-wide fireball. And that's low fireballing it.
4. We called riverkeeper Dan Serres who is in Washington DC today. DC lawmakers are getting an earful from Cascadia on some of the finer legal points the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has been dodging.
5. Deschutes County commissioners have once again stymied the attempts of a developer who wants to put a pumice mine, a geothermal power plant and about 100 houses in the caldera of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Central Oregon. (If the project goes through, it will only be a matter of time before we have gambling barges on Crater Lake... .)
6. The Things You Can Find In A War Chest: In addition to the Iraq withdrawal add-on, Bush's latest 'emergency military spending bill' also contains $60 million dollars for salmon recovery and $400 million for rural counties that have cut down all their trees and don't know what to destroy next...
7. No Humans Or Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Story: The Animal Liberation Front has - allegedly - "vandalized" the home of a Portland employee of Wachovia Securities, which in turn is tied to Huntington Life Science, which tests chemicals on animals. (ALF's activism might have fared better in court, but that's where it's headed now in any case... ..)
8. If Senate Bill 465 passes, Oregon employers will be able to enforce 'drug-free workplace' laws and sack those employees who have medical marijuana cards. (Leaving the speed freaks to roam the shop floor unhindered, racking up overtime and tying up the lavatories for hours on end... .)
9. Khalid Sheik Mohammed has "confessed" to 9/11, Oklahoma City, Khobar Towers, Blackhawk Down and being the Zodiac Killer. Mohammed was barred from saying anything about torture or abuse during his sojourn with the CIA and "professionals" from the private sector. (By now he must be out of his mind, so why not go out with a bang? Think of the martyr points!)
10. Republican Senator John Sununu is the first Republican so far to call for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' dismissal. (This latest shot across the bow barely rippled the White House reflecting pool, coming as it does at the same time a few courageous Democrats are asking to have a word with Karl Rove and Harriet Miers... ).
11. The Senate Judiciary Committee meets today to consider subpoenas for the two abovementioned, Rove and Miers as well as deputy White House counsel William Kelley. (Subpoena? It'll take a crowbar to get anything out of this administration's Flying Monkeys... ). And out of the Blue, the Grand Old Party Animals want prosecutors to take a closer look at "election fraud."
12. Planning Ahead: The House of Representatives voted yesterday to overturn a 2001 order by President Bush that lets former presidents keep their papers secret indefinitely. The Measure passed by a veto-proof margin. (Move over, Scooter Libby... .Here comes a really Dirty Story... )
13. Gay rights groups accused the US military of hypocrisy yesterday. Seems that quite suddenly (And rather solipsistically, I might add), the military has become less inclined to discharge soldiers based on their sexual orientation.
14. The Cost Of A Human Life In Florida: Florida Governor Charlie Crist says the State should give $5 million dollars to the bereaved family of a teenager who was killed by his caregivers at a juvenile boot camp. (And they didn't even get a chance to reform the kid... )
15. The Republicans are getting Karl Rove chained up and fed on raw meat in preparation for releasing him on feckless Democrats who just want to stop this obscene slaughter in Iraq.
16. A federal judge ruled yesterday that the Sudanese government caused the terrorist bombing of the USS Cole and is there fore liable for damages. (Good thing the Sudanese government talked... otherwise we'd have to send it to Somalia for interrogation... )
17. The US trade deficit hit yet another all-time high and for the first time, the US even ran a deficit on investment income. The number turned negative because of the large amount of US assets that have been transferred to foreign hands over the past three decades to pay for America's addiction to Wal-Mart.
18. The Ides Of Marts: The world's markets suffered another day of turbulence and heavy losses yesterday, thank you very much, 'sub-prime' mortgage market...
19. New sanctions for Iran.
20. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - that would be the world's leading anti-bribery watchdog - is after the British government over its decision to terminate a major corruption investigation into Britain's biggest arms manufacturer, BAE.
21. Five Not-So-Easy Speeches: Five defenders of free speech were recognized by the annual Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards. None of them were American...
22. Generally Pissed-Off. Pakistani president General Pervez Musharraf has gone and pissed off the already very pissed-off judge, Iftikhar Chaudrey, setting off massive protests. Musharraf tried to sack the judge and Chaudrey fought back, along with thousands of other Pakistani lawyers, judges and the pissed-off in general.
23. Interpol wants six prominent former Iranian officials arrested in connection with the bombing of a Jewish cultural center in Argentina. (Wait till AIPAC gets its mitts on this one... )
24. Hamas and Fatah have put together a unity deal, thus aggravating Israel - a nation whose sole purpose appears to be the destruction of political stability in its little corner of the world.
25. Fast Eddy: Sixty miles off the coast of Australia a gigantic cold water eddy has formed. It is 120 miles wide, three thousand feet deep and it has lowered the sea surface by 27 feet at its center. No notion as to what caused this thing. Though no one has thought to ask the Aboriginal people; I expect they have some ideas on the mystery...