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a poem on insurance.

Insurance is complex today.
It wasn't like
when prudential life insurance
diagnosed black Americans
as uninsurable
because they were predisposed towards imminent death
there had been a genetic break down
decomposition piece written on that.
Even the Nazis
tried to create their own insurance
and the world weighed in
that such science, laudable as it was,
did help the superior force
win the moon.

Insurance isn't the same today
as it was back then.

How can prudential life insurance
create a diversified account of its holdings?
In some countries where there are
secret operative cia death squads
How do you insure American businessmen?
How does car insurance
predict global warming
Or how do we insure
real estate in an accident prone region?

Are those people stupid?
I mean, the ONES without insurance?
The health insurance?
The car insurance?
The house insurance?

How do we insure a safe world?
How will we make this world
safe for our children to grow up?
It wasn't like proving
scientifically of course
that your children had more right
to be insurable.
It wasn't wrong, was it, to have some

Maybe I am asking the wrong questions.
these weren't the ones on the form.

Male or Female.
Papers please.
Feeling a little sick?
Do you have a history of illness?
Zip code.
State of the emergency address?
License plate number.

How do we know you are not a terrorist?
How do we insure the terrorists from
overtaking United Fruit Company?

Or heads of state like:
Bin Laden?

Which ones did we insure?
And which ones did we kill?
Which insurance failed?
What makes you feel so assured?

Insurance isn't as complex as it used to be
It is whiter now
More innocent of wrong doing.