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Mourn for Iraq at the Port Of Tacoma

Daylight gathering at the Port of Tacoma Thursday March 15th 2007, welcoming communities in collaboration to end the Iraq War and Occupation.

Wear mourning clothes, bring many flowers to honor the victims.

Gather at 4PM at Thorne and 11th on the Port of Tacoma.

Carpool from Olympia at Harrison and Division to LEAVE at 3PM Sharp.


OLY City Councilmember Johnson Defended for Protest at Port of Tacoma

From Larry Mosqueda: I gave each council member 31 pages of notes that shows that many elected officials, including congresspeople have a proud history of engaging in civil disobedience, especially around the issues of war and aparthied. I wanted to provide documentation that what TJ Johnson did had this proud history and not just a personal statement of moral support (which were also valuable, of course.) I read excerpts of various publications, listed below in the order that I presented the information (in three minutes.) The full articles are available from the links provided. Extra comments I added between the articles are indicated by the initials LJM-.