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Lone Vet Report

I have not been out with my signs for a few Thursdays, there are two main reasons for my absence, and the first is that our family and I have to move to new digs. A few weeks ago our beloved dog Lucky suffered a leg injury and can no longer get up the stairs to our apartment. She is now isolated much of the time in a small area just inside our front door. We live in an old house, which is now two apartments--- one up stairs and other down stairs; Lucky cannot get up the thirteen steps four times a day, so we will move in about a week to a place with no stairs. She is part of our family and we do take care of each other the best we can. The second reason for not being part of the action, I had to go to court for my resistance at Gordon Smith's office. Troy and I were ordered to court on the 26th of February but the DA did not have their paper work in on us so, we had to return on the 12th of March.
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