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Inslee Tries to Justify Opposing Impeachment

Wa Rep. Jay Inslee tries to justify his opposition of WA impeachment resolution. He clearly cannot tell the truth and I am not sure he even knows the truth. Here is his letter with my response...

Jay: It concerns me that a resolution to impeach the president, though satisfying, could stunt our progress and have a negative effect on our effort to stop President Bush's multiple errors.

Me: Do not trivialize impeachment. We know how serious this action is. You want to stop Bush on "multiple errors." We want to stop Bush for clear violations of the law, for putting an end to our system of checks and balances and for effectively re-writing the bill of rights. We are not talking about errors. We are talking about abuse of power and law breaking. We don't need to find him guilty on every action or "error", but we do need to name his violations to the Constitution so that we can restore it back to its pre-2001 form. The four we have identified: using fraudulent evidence to get us into war (and he clearly is using the same strategy for Iran -- why not -- no one is stopping him), illegal spying of citizens, arresting and imprisoning people without due process, dismissal of habeas corpus, torture, and the use of Signing Statements declaring he only has to follow the laws he wants to follow -- all seriously damage our Constitution.
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