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Mourn for Iraq at the Port Of Tacoma

Daylight gathering at the Port of Tacoma Thursday March 15th 2007, welcoming
communities in collaboration to end the Iraq War and Occupation.

Wear mourning clothes, bring many flowers to honor the victims.

Gather at 4PM at Thorne and 11th on the Port of Tacoma.

Carpool from Olympia at Harrison and Division to LEAVE at 3PM Sharp.

The loading of the ship is nearing completion and the Strykers will soon be shipping
If you can help out or have questions, please call 360 485 5745 or email

Directions to the Port of Tacoma
Directions: From I-5, exit on 136B (Port of Tacoma Ave.)
Drive down to Maxwell, E 14th, or Ross Way and park on the curbs.
Walk West to Thorne, then North to 11th.

Port Militarization Resistance (PMR), Olympia Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW)