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Pigs Gas Protesters Again in Tacoma

It happened again
Last night, Monday the 12th, over 100 people gathered at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee. After milling around the parking lot for a while, we walked down to the free speech zone on 11th and Thorne. Once we got there, we realized we in a really shady spot. The cops were poised to cut us off and there were snipers on the rooftop of a nearby building. While a bunch of people passed the megaphone around, a large group of us tried to spread the word that we should leave and go back to Lincoln and Milawakee.

When people finally left it happened slowly and a lot of energy left the group. People seemed to think everything was over for the night and many others were disappointed that nothing had happened except us having the equivalent of a high school pep rally for ourselves. But...

When we got back to the intersection, a lot of us started gravitating towards the barricades. Slowly, most of us trickled up to it, with everyone else hanging out in the rear. And then the warning came, telling us to leave or we would be arrested. Not that I cared, personally, but the pigs did NOT give us a time limit or a place to fall back to, things they HAVE to do by law. It was all on film though, so if they get in trouble for it, they get in trouble for it. The pigs started putting on their gas masks in front of us and then we saw a bus pull up and unload the riot cops to our right. The same thing happened on our left and we were surrounded on three sides by lines of riot cops. Five people remained at the barricade, staring down the cops and the rest of us stayed in the center of the intersection.

By the way, we did not do SHIT. On Friday everyone was rowdy. Last night, NOTHING happened at all. At most, people put flowers on the barricade.

The cops directly in front of us moved their line out and surrounded the people by the barricade. My friend Jesse Shultz was arrested, but other than him I cannot say. After taking those five in, the line kept moving. We kept it tight at the intersection, but when the gas and the bullets came we began to slowly move back, throwing the canisters at the cops. A few people brought some plexiglass shields and they helped the people who had them to not get as fucked up as they would have. All of the workers who saw what was happening and who we talked to supported us. A Seattle news station caught the whole thing, as did our own media.

No one was seriously hurt who was pulling back, but I don't know how the people who were arrested were treated. We all got out of there and met up at a local Denny's. A few of us were interviewed there by another Seattle news station. And then we went home at 2am.

Bring everyone back tonight.

Thing should be happening all day down at the port, so stop by if you can. As long as the boat is in there will be a nightly meeting at 9pm.

Meet at Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm.

Take exit 136B off I-5.

Follow Port of Tacoma Road down towards the Port.

Take a left on Lincoln.

At Lincoln and Milawakee there will be a police barricade to you right. Take a left at that intersection and to your immediate right is the parking lot. Park and wait for people to arrive.

Let's keep it going.

In case some of you haven't realized it, the cops do not need an excuse to be brutal and last night should prove it to you. If you don't feel the police are your enemy, you at least should understand why they are our enemy and always will be.

Ray Kavick