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Plan for Tacoma Tuesday Night

Meet at Pierce County Jail at 7pm and then head down to port at 9pm. The computer system is down in the jail and the 5 arrested last night still have not been released. 7 is the earliest the police said they could be released so lets all get down there and have a JAIL RELEASE PARTY! From there we can head down to the port for the 9pm meet up. Bring stuff to make noise. As long as we are on the sidewalk, we can cause any kind of rucus we want to. [read more]

Pigs Gas Protesters Again in Tacoma

Last night, Monday the 12th, over 100 people gathered at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee. Once we got there, we realized we in a really shady spot. The cops were poised to cut us off and there were snipers on the rooftop of a nearby building... When we got back to the intersection, a lot of us started gravitating towards the barricades. Slowly, most of us trickled up to it, with everyone else hanging out in the rear. And then the warning came, telling us to leave or we would be arrested... the pigs did NOT give us a time limit or a place to fall back to, things they HAVE to do by law. The pigs started putting on their gas masks in front of us and then we saw a bus pull up and unload the riot cops to our right. The same thing happened on our left and we were surrounded on three sides by lines of riot cops.

The cops directly in front of us moved their line out and surrounded the people by the barricade. After taking those five in, the line kept moving. We kept it tight at the intersection, but when the gas and the bullets came we began to slowly move back...

Bring everyone back tonight. Meet at Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. [read more]

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