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Plan for Tacoma tonight

Meet at Pierce County Jail at 7pm and then head down to port at 9pm.
Hello everybody,
The computer system is down in the jail and the 5 arrested last night still have not been released. 7 is the earliest the police said they could be released so lets all get down there and have a JAIL RELEASE PARTY! From there we can head down to the port for the 9pm meet up. Bring stuff to make noise. As long as we are on the sidewalk, we can cause any kind of rucus we want to.

The jail is on 9th and Yakima in Downtown Tacoma. We will be meeting in the back where the prisoners will be released. The jail is near the top of the hill from Downtown so find 9th and head up until you hit Yakima.

Direction to port:

Take exit 136B.

Get onto Port of Tacoma Road and head to Port.

Take a left on Lincoln.

At corner of Lincoln and Milwaukee take a left.

To your immediate right is the parking lot. Park and wait for people.


what's the deal with getting arrested? 13.Mar.2007 15:09

kinda timid.

Are you charged is there a fine and how long are you in for?