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Grow Zapatista GMO-Free Corn

The Zapatista community is selling GMO-free Mayan corn. The seed is being sent all over the world in an effort to save an old lineage. Mutated corn seed is being planted by corporate interests to destroy this old lineage. The money from the sale of the corn will be used to build Chiapas schools.
Schools for Chiapas
Schools for Chiapas
Sow the seeds of resistance and join the growing movement against transgenic contamination of Mayan corn in Chiapas, Mexico!

By planting Zapatista corn, you become a part of a global effort to preserve a vital genetic heritage that has evolved over thousands of years. You can plant these powerful Zapatista corn seeds in your community, farm, home, school, or family gardens. As a decorative plant it grows well in large pots or small plots. We urge you to invite your friends and family to collectively prepare the soil, to come together to plant the Zapatista seed, and perhaps you all can organize a larger sanctuary harvest party in the fall to eat great corn while celebrating the Mayan peoples of the Mexican southeast and the Zapatista struggle for another world where all worlds fit!

These seeds have been donated by Zapatista farmers who hope and pray that people of conscience around the world will provide respectful sanctuary for this living part of their cultural heritage. Despite massive importation from the USA of corn carrying genetic modifications, the autonomous Mayan communities in Chiapas are dedicated to keeping their corn pure and natural. Because of the significance of this seed to today's living Mayan cultures, individuals wishing to grow this Mayan corn will be asked to sign a pledge to never allow this corn to be used for commercial purposes.

To find out more about this seed go to:

homepage: homepage: http://www.schoolsforchiapas.org/english/get-involved/grow-zapatista-gmo-free-corn.html