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Breaking News: "Shoot Out" With Police On SE 39th & Holgate

"Shoot out" with Police by Trader Joe's. The police presence is incredibly heavy. The SWAT team with helicopter and semi-truck are there. There are also massive amounts of cop cars swarming the area.
It is unclear what exactly happened at this point. Police claim they were fired upon by someone in a car that was pulled over. There are 2(?) people on the run. The intersection is totally shut down and lined with cop cars. Someone from our house has gone up to get interviews and info to add to this report.

More info and pictures(?) as they're made available will be added here

Holgate closed 12.Mar.2007 18:58


Holgate is closed to peds, bikes, and all traffic from 44th Ave on the east, at least to 39th, and I think farther on the west. Streets are also closed south of Holgate to Raymond or so west of 44th. Just saw a bicyclist harassed for riding across Holgate... he was being handcuffed and yelled at; he rode on 43rd across Holgate headed south, and the copper really didn't like that. Lots of popo looking anxious.

A few more details: 12.Mar.2007 19:51

Working Class Mama

3 females were pulled over by Trader Joe's. At some point during the stop, 1 woman shot 1 of the cops. Some people say they think it started somewhere else and ended up there but then others contest that.
Trying to find out why they were pulled over, possible motives for the shooting, who shot first, the name of the cop who was shot, etc.

Police presence was estimated at 150 cops at the peak but has since died down. Heavy SWAT in full camo uniforms with face paint and fully automatic weapons are present. Heavy SWAT are in 3 armored vehicles each carrying 8 plus a canine unit and are actively patrolling in the perimeter. Heavy SWAT look, act, sound just like military but are actually militarized police. At least 3 snipers with very long range capabilities. A Fleer infra-red plane is circling, searching for suspects. 4 command vehicles still in Trader Joe's parking lot.

People within the perimeter are not being allowed to leave. Se 38th to 39th and north of Holgate down to Woodstock. To leave perimeter act like a shopper at Trader Joe's.

Pictures 12.Mar.2007 20:05


Heavy SWAT are apparently different from the military looking dudes. Military looking folk are on foot patrolling within the perimeter.
Command Center Vehicle
Command Center Vehicle
Heavy SWAT to left & Military looking cops to the right w/ APC in background
Heavy SWAT to left & Military looking cops to the right w/ APC in background
Mobile Armory
Mobile Armory

More Pics 12.Mar.2007 20:11


Trader Joe's parking lot is all full of undercover cop cars and large armored vehicles.
2 cop cars(yes station wagon is cop car!), Heavy SWAT loading into APC
2 cop cars(yes station wagon is cop car!), Heavy SWAT loading into APC
Suspect vehicle
Suspect vehicle

More details 12.Mar.2007 21:15

Working Class Mama

According to eye witness no cop has been shot. I repeat, no cop has been shot. The suspects are 2 females and 1 male all in their late teens. The 2 females did not run. The cops chased the suspects from the Belmont area and trapped them in by Trader Joe's. The male exited the car and shot as he ran. No one was hit. He escaped into the neighborhood.

Perimeter is shrinking. No one being allowed inside perimeter even if they are a resident. One man is not being allowed to get to his home even after pleading that he was afraid for his wife and newborn baby being in a potential shooting zone. Cops are not providing escorts at this time even though there is clearly an excess of personale available. There are 3 perimeters currently. The outer one is soft, meaning there are ways to get in and out if you look hard enough for them. The inner one is much tighter. You have to look a lot harder for places to get in and out. The deep inner perimeter is more secretive. It is comprised of 20 of the military looking camo cops hiding in peoples' yards/bushes. There are rumors circulating than some people in the deep inner perimeter are being evacuated. They appear to be narrowing in on a target, but that is unconfirmed at this time.

We have a "reporter" from the inside. Person reports that the situation inside is somewhat dangerous. The cops are very nervous and carrying fully automatic weapons in ready positions. If you are currently in this perimeter be very cautious when/if approaching cops. Be sure to speak calmly and keep your hands visible at all times. Person reported, in their encounter, that even in taking precautions, the cop kept their gun ready and maintained nervous demenor.

no one's been shot (yet) 12.Mar.2007 21:39

asdf/another mama

Thanks WC mama for the info. I did speak with a cop carrying a "ready" automatic weapon at Holgate and 44th earlier. He said the "someone shot at a cop", not that a cop had been shot. The outer "soft" perimeter is scary enough for me. Nervous PDX popo with big guns scare me. The man I saw earlier being detained was taken away in a PDX police car... likely for questioning as he apparently tried to enter the outer perimeter. Scary thing here is that my 10 yr old said that it's "just like the lockdowns" they have at her school occasionally. She efficiently locked all the doors and pulled the shades.

Follow up report 13.Mar.2007 10:11

Working Class Mama

Nicholas Ramon Onuskanvich was arrested after a resident of an apartment complex near 45th & Holgate told cops that a man was hiding in one of the apartments. Apparently the cops spent a couple hours talking with him before making the arrest.
Interesting the consideration that goes into dealing with a white man in a white neighborhood. My sister lives in NE. Something similar happened in her neighborhood and the cops just went in guns blazing with no concern for the surrounding people whose lives were endangered.

The car was originally pulled over for a routine stop, whatever that means. Onuskanvich was apparently afraid because he had a warrant out for his arrest for Distribution of Methamphetamine. After the shooting, the 2 females in the car were questioned and released. Onuskanvich now faces one count of Aggravated, Attempted Murder.

There is frequent references to SERT in the other reports. Not quite sure which ones they were. They may have been the military looking guys. Anyone care to do more research on what SERT is? I have to go to work.

Warming Up for the Protesters? 13.Mar.2007 12:30

Ben Waiting

Seems like the po-pos had "all the gear out" that they usaully reserve for the Peace Movement

SERT 13.Mar.2007 16:29


S.E.R.T. is an Emergency Response Team.
Most police forces and prisons have them.
Can't recall what the "S" is for.

S.E.R.T 14.Mar.2007 02:20

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I heard that SERT stood for Special Emergency Relocation Team, for when martial law is declared and they round up all the dissenters for detainment camps... But aside from that, does anybody else think this was a bit MUCH, considering that NOBODY WAS SHOT? I'd laugh my @55 of if it were to be revealed that there was no gun found. Wouldn't be the first time police "imagined" a weapon at a crime scene, now would it? (usually to justify themselves after they killed somebody, though)

I'd hate to recieve the bill for this practice session. It will probably be astronomical, and charged to all of us who pay taxes.

SE 39th and Stark

RE: sixpack 14.Mar.2007 08:35

Working Class Mama

"does anybody else think this was a bit MUCH"
"I'd hate to recieve the bill for this practice session. It will probably be astronomical, and charged to all of us who pay taxes."

That was kind of my thoughts too. But the creepiest part is how they were treating EVERYone as suspects and being so disrespectful of/intimidating to residents. The militarized police will always creep me out, regardless of how they are used. We are NOT enemy soldiers, we are civilians and we should ALWAYS demand to be treated as such. We should never let any scenario make that line fuzzy. They got their "bad guy" and saved the day. But at what cost(and I'm not talkin just money)?

I was there 15.Mar.2007 18:32


I was nearby when the shooting happened. I watched the officers arrive and block off an area of Holgate. I then watched as the police started looking for the person. I was under the impression that he had shot at the police then ran into a house. I know a lot of people who live in the area and I was concerned that someone stupid enough to shoot a gun in a populated area may be stupid enough to take someone hostage. As a matter of fact, at the time I thought that was happening. I really question the police sometimes but not this time. I thought for once they did a good job. Sorry, but shooting at the police is ignorant and reckless. (not to mention in a residental area). I don't feel sorry for him and I am glad he may get the help he needs. Let's remember that violence is the tool of ignorant people and I don't condone anyone shooting at another person. Two wrongs don't make a right. Look at the facts of a case before marginalizing ourselves by defending someone who really did something stupid.