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Rally 7PM Eugene City Council Iraq War Tonight

Sara Rich, Mother of Suzanne Swift, to Address Council. De Fazio is in hiding.
Eugene City Council Takes up Iraq Resolution March 12
Please Join us. Let's pack the Council Chambers!
Monday, March 12, the Eugene City Council will be asked to approve a resolution calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

The resolution's central demand is that the Congress of the United States use its "power of the purse" to vote against further funding of the Iraq occupation by U.S. forces - except for funds necessary to carry out a safe, rapid and orderly withdrawal that fully protects American troops from harm and to support Iraqi reconstruction efforts. To see the full resolution go to the CALC web site at www.calclane.org
There will be a 7pm rally in support of the resolution outside the Eugene City Council chambers, followed by a 7:30pm public comment period. The council will take up the resolution at its 8pm meeting.
The City's Legislative Committee, consisting of Bonny Bettmann, Betty Taylor and Chris Pryor, passed the Resolution unanimously February 22.
Time permitting; there will be testimony from:
Michael Carrigan, "Why the City should pass the Resolution";

Sara Rich: Mother of Suzanne Swift;

Terry Holvey: Her son served in Iraq/Wife of State Rep. Paul Holvey;

Bayla Ostrach: She'll read a letter from a friend serving in Iraq;

Noah Mrowczyski: Current Iraq war veteran;

James Jacobson, SEIU local 85/503;

Dan Goldrich, Retired U of O professor;

Stan Taylor, LCC Political Science Professor;

A local Democrat will read from the State Iraq Resolution.

If the Council passes the resolution, Eugene will join with Portland, Corvallis and over 200 other municipalities that have passed similar resolutions.
The Eugene resolution has been endorsed by 25 local and statewide organizations.