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Flag Display Of Iraq War Body Count.... a video

Iraq Body Count Flag Memorial photo video
March 11-17 2007 at Lewis & Clark College

also check out the "Unembedded" photo display inside library building
Well I took a bunch of photos of the all day flag display memorial installation effort
(at Lewis & Clark College)
That was organized by - www.IraqPeaceProject.org - and "Students For Democracy"

It was a powerful sight.....
There were flags everywhere

For every flag I put in that was colored white....it represented "6 dead Iraqis"
For every red flag it represented an "American solider who had died"
What is just overwhelming is how many rows and rows and rows of flags there were
It was fields and rows of flags .... and then times by 6 for every white one .....my my my!

So many have died ....and for what?
Please check out my YouTube link to this Memorial being installed on Sunday afternoon
And come out and see it first hand, located behind the track and near the library
March 11 - 17
I know a lot of people worked hard on this project! "Real Hard" And it looks cool!

Thank You Reed College as well .... I didn't get to see it there I regret to say!
But Thanks Reed!

Here is the video clip link I made:

Please contact your congressmen and tell them
"We have seen enough death, no more war, troops home now"!

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

Students for a Democratic Society 12.Mar.2007 12:01

Gray Dunia gray.dunia@gmail.com

Thanks for the video and info! Just wanted to make the correction that it was actually hosted by The LC chapter of SDS (Students for a democractic society).

It is a very powerful display, Please come and see for yourself.

I also would just like to reiterate that the photo dislplay in the campus gallery is mind blowing! The images were taken by four photojournalists who have spent the last few years in Iraq. You would never see images like this in our media - See what the rest of the US can't!

Whis it one flag for every one American, one for every six Iraqis? 12.Mar.2007 17:26


I appreciate the effort that goes into making this powerful display, but why the inconsistency in what the flags represent?

over 600,000 flags would be a lot 13.Mar.2007 02:09

Joe Anybody

Probably lack of space

It took mass space just when, one meant 6

Three 5 minute videos of the flag installation 13.Mar.2007 03:12

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

well the obvious solution 13.Mar.2007 04:07

problem solver

Would have been to have 1 flag per 6 dead US soldiers. The advantage being that such a display would more accurately depict the loss of life. Well, maybe next time.

Solution 14.Mar.2007 12:49


To make it accurate, just pull up 2,491 of the red flags.

reuse? 14.Mar.2007 20:54

flag fate dj8956@yahoo.com

What is the fate of this display. Park blocks or waterfront park could use the display.

Fort vancouver would be a cool spot or clark college

New Video on Google (correction) 16.Mar.2007 11:30

Joe Anybody is Ben Waiting iam@joe-anybody.com

Iraq Body Count Flags at LCC "Peace Inside"

Iraq Body Count Flag Memorial - Peace Inside