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Call for Another Massive Convergence at Port of Tacoma on Monday Night @ 9pm

We will meet at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee, the intersection where everyone got gassed. Let's show these rutheless, bloodthirsty pigs that we are not afraid of going back to where the confrontation happened and that we will not stop. The boat will be gone soon and if we do nothing, especially after what they did to us, we will all regret it later. Bring all of your friends, tell them to bring all of their friends, and be there at the corner of Lincoln and Milawakee at 9pm. From there, after or before, we will figure out what to do on Tuesday, but let's just worry about being there tomorrow. [read more]

Twenty-three arrested at Port of Tacoma in Protest of the War - Sunday March 11, a committed group of citizens from Olympia, Seattle, Port Townsend and Portland engaged in non-violent civil disobedience to prevent equipment from the 4th Stryker Brigade from being loaded at the Port of Tacoma on a ship bound for Iraq. This is an effective way to show support for the troops - prevent them from being placed in a position where they may kill or be killed. Other efforts to stop the war have not worked--the President and Congress continue the war despite letters and demonstrations, said one of those arrested. [read more]

As Resistance to Stryker Shipment Grows, Police Turn Violent on Peaceful Protesters - Following an afternoon rally at the Federal Courthouse in Tacoma on Friday, members of Port Militarization Resistance staged a peaceful demonstration at the Port of Tacoma, where they were met by Tacoma Police. Later, police turned violent and launched tear gas and rubber bullets at activists as they sat chanting peace slogans. [read more]

Report Back From Port of Tacoma - A protest organized by the olympia/tacoma port militarization resistance and the tacoma sds ended in violence at 3:30 early this morning. Protesters moved from one heavily reinforced police barricade (about 250 riot police) to another in the hopes of participating in a non violent act of civil disobedience by sitting in a street and allowing themselves to be arrested. The police responded by firing into the group with pepper spray pellets, bean bags and rubber bullets followed by CS (tear) gas and pepper spray dispersal gas. A few protesters returned the canisters back to the police line to keep them out of the unsuspecting crowd who was not participating in the action. The police then advanced through the cloud of gas and opened fire on the fleeing protesters, chasing them three blocks and launching at least 20 canisters of gas. [read more]

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