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Impeachment Day: Monday at the Capitol

We are going to make a last push to get 8016 to the Senate floor for a vote. People will be converging on the Capitol to meet with the Senators and to generally be a presence. We will begin to meet around 11 on the North side of the Capitol--top of the stairs. Vigil with signs--noon-1, so folks who work for the state can join in.

Others may wish to lobby Senators to support 8016. Lobbying: Visit the Senators and ask them to support 8016. Most likely, you wil talk to their staff. Find out how the Senator will vote when 8016 comes to the floor. Ask them if they are willing to call for 8016 to come to the floor.


Monday March 12th, Impeachment Day In Olympia

Monday is Impeachment Day in Olympia. Our intention is to lobby undecided Senators effectively. We are asking that you attend for an hour or all day.

You are welcome to start the day at any time. Let's meet in the cafeteria around 10:30 or 11:00 to meet others from Washington For Impeachment, The Backbone Campaign, Oympia Meetup to Impeach Bush and Cheney , Progressive Dem's, and many others.