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NYM Warriors Targeted & Arrested At Anti-olympic Protest

Once again colonial fascism rears its ugly head as the colonial brownshirts (vancouver police) arrested three Native Warriors on February 13, 2007 for protesting the 2010 winter olympic games, scheduled to take place in unceded Squamish Territory (whistler re: vancouver). In yet another example of colonial terrorism, the kops arrested NYM Warrior Tselletkwe, of the Secwepemc Nation, Gord Hill of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, and Lynn Highway of the Anishnabe Nation. The kops, well known for the terrorism they inflict on Indigenous Peoples, also arrested members of the Indigenous Resistance Organizing Committee (IROC).

As the vancouver olympic organizing committee and the vancouver board of trade (businessmen) were celebrating their unveiling of a "3 year countdown clock" in the downtown business district in vancouver, one Native Warrior stormed the stage and took over the microphone, yelling "Fuck the olympics" until the kops managed to capture him and haul him away.
It always takes more than one
It always takes more than one
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