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March 12 is impeachement day on capitol campus in Olympia. Help push SJM 8016 to a vote.
Friends of Democracy,

Monday is Impeachment Day in Olympia. Our intention is to lobby undecided Senators effectively. We are asking that you attend for an hour or all day.

You are welcome to start the day at any time. Let's meet in the cafeteria around 10:30 or 11:00 to meet others from Washington For Impeachment, The Backbone Campaign, Oympia Meetup to Impeach Bush and Cheney , Progressive Dem's, and many others.

Activities for the day include:

1. Delivering letters to the offices of Senators. You can learn a lot by chatting up the aides. Please ASK if the Senator will vote yes if SJM 8016 comes to a vote. Please let Linda Boyd know of these answers so we can get a count. Please be sure to put your name and address on your letters, and let them know if you are a constituent.

2. Constituents can "pink slip" their Senator from the North Door of the Senate floor. If they come out to talk to you, please tell them what you need them to do, and ASK how they intend to vote on SM 8016. Ask if they can help bring SJM 8016 to the floor. It's best to be reasonable, calm and articulate. ASK for their help, and thank them for their time even if they disagree.

3. You can help people from The Backbone Campaign deliver citations of FAME or SHAME to Christine Gregoire and various Senators.

4. We ask for your presence in the gallery throughout the day. Decorum is required there, and disruption is not tolerated. We cannot bring signs or props to the gallery. If you are wearing a special T-shirt or costume, please leave your coat on until you are seated. Wear your impeachment T-shirts, or maybe seven of us could spell out impeach on our shirts.

5. We will rally and have a parade outside starting at the sundial around 12:30, or when the Senate breaks for lunch.

6. After lunch people can come sit in the gallery, continue to visit Senate offices, pink slip your local Senator etc.

7. We can leave nice note cards and letters to thank co-sponsors and pro-8016 Senators. We want them to know they are appreciated. I will bring some cards, maybe you have a few at home too.

8. If you cannot come to Olympia, please help us by continuing to contact members of the WA State Senate. UNLEASH A FINAL TORRENT OF CALLS AND MAIL!!

Here is the toll-free number into the Capitol in Olympia: 1-800-562-6000.

Phone:(360) 786-7604
Fax:(360) 786-1999
Email:  brown.lisa@leg.wa.gov

Senator Harriet Spanel, Majority Caucus Chair, 40th District--SHE'S WITH US. SHE DESERVES THANKS. ASK HER TO HELP MOVE 8016 TO A FLOOR VOTE.
Phone: (360) 786-7678
Email:  spanel.harriet@leg.wa.gov

Senator Tracey Eide, Majority Floor Leader, 30th District--Don't let her "Chief of Staff" put you off. House Rules say that States can call for investigations, it's appropriate and necessary.
Phone:(360) 786-7658
Email:  eide.tracey@leg.wa.gov

Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House, 43rd District--Ask Frank to be a leader, to save Democracy, end the travesty in Iraq, and prevent war in Iran.
Phone: (360) 786-7920
Email:  chopp.frank@leg.wa.gov

Ed Murray--Thank him for all of his good work, and insist that he help move SJM 8016 to the floor.
Phone: (360) 786-7628
email:  murray.edward@leg.wa.gov

Please also include :
 Tom.Rodney@leg.wa.gov (360) 786-7694. He REALLY needs to be reminded that honoring his oath to protect the Constitution trumps roads and schools in this time of crisis! Honor your oath of office Rodney. It's appropriate and necessary to join our voices through the State Legislature. Vote yes Rodney, and send the work to Congress. Inaction is not appropriate.
 weinstein.brian@leg.wa.gov (360) 786-7641-ask if he will vote yes if it comes to the floor
 franklin.rosa@leg.wa.gov (360) 786-7656 --ask if she will vote to protect the Constitution and the rights of citizens
 hobbs.steve@leg.wa.gov (360) 786-7686-tell him we need to impeach to end war and restore rule of law in this country. Ask him to be a moral leader.
 rasmussen.marilyn@leg.wa.gov (360) 786-7602
 marr.chris@leg.wa.gov Majority assistant whip (360) 786-7610
 mcauliffe.rosemary@leg.wa.gov (360) 786-1999
 shinn.paull@leg.wa.gov--thank him for saying he'll support by email

All the other co-sponsor of 8016 can be left alone, or just thanked by email.

There's no shame in sending a blind copy of your letter to as many Senators as you can, including Republican Senators. They have all sworn to protect the Constitution.

Governor Christine Gregoire needs to change her mind, so she can be a champion of Democracy in this land. Invite her to change her mind, and help pass SJM 8016. Thank her for her good work, and ask her to be a leader when so many have failed us. Unleash a flurry of calls and emails to her: (360) 902-4111. Her email site: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/

with love and respect,

Linda Boyd
Washington For Impeachment