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Impeachment Day: Monday at the Capitol

monday, march 12th, is impeachment day at the capitol. plan to
visit members of the senate, stand vigil around the chamber, to be
seen everywhere.
We are going to make a last push to get 8016 to the Senate floor for a vote.
People will be converging on the Capitol to meet with the Senators and to generally be a presence.
We will begin to meet around 11 on the North side of the Capitol--top of the stairs.
Vigil with signs--noon-1, so folks who work for the state can join in.

Others may wish to lobby Senators to support 8016.
Lobbying: Visit the Senators and ask them to support 8016. Most likely, you wil talk to their staff. Find out how the Senator will vote when 8016 comes to the floor. Ask them if they are willing to call for 8016 to come to the floor.

You may also leave a note or print this form letter below and leave it for ALL THE SENATORS in the inbox in their office. Please take responsibility
for arranging carpools from all points. Plan to present a short and
civil explanation about why you want your senator to support SJM

2) Contact the Dem leadership and your Senator -
go to  http://www1.leg.wa.gov/Senate
to find your Senator.

Below is a sample
letter you can send.

"Dear Senator ,

The people of Washington State have a golden opportunity to make
their voices heard in Washington DC. SJM 8016 petitions Congress to
open serious investigations leading to possible impeachment for grave
allegations of abuse of power and wrongdoing by President Bush and
Vice President Cheney.

You can make a difference in our country and in our State. I urge you
to MOVE THIS BILL FORWARD by allowing Bill SJM 8016 to go to the
Senate floor for a vote. Thank you for supporting this legislation.


3) Contact everyone in your address book and urge them to contact the Legislators listed below.



We are creating our future with positive actions today.

Linda Boyd
Washington For Impeachment

If you can't come to the Capitol, call, fax and/or email your Senator and the Senate Democratic leadership.
Here is the toll-free number into the Capitol in Olympia:

Senator Lisa Brown, Majority Leader, 3rd District
Phone:(360) 786-7604
Fax:(360) 786-1999
Email:  brown.lisa@leg.wa.gov

Senator Harriet Spanel, Majority Caucus Chair, 40th District
Phone: (360) 786-7678
Email:  spanel.harriet@leg.wa.gov

Senator Tracey Eide, Majority Floor Leader, 30th District
Phone:(360) 786-7658
Email:  eide.tracey@leg.wa.gov

Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House, 43rd District
Phone: (360) 786-7920
Email:  chopp.frank@leg.wa.gov

Ed Murray
Phone: (360) 786-7628
email:  murray.edward@leg.wa.gov

Restoring the Constitution requires that Bush/Cheney be impeached. There is no other issue that matters as much for the future of our children and grandchildren.
Thanks for whatever help you can provide. This is crunch time.