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New Victim In The "War On terror"

It is no surprise that the comedic talents of Wolf Blitzer keeps CNN at the #1 spot on the Propaganda Media Network's Top Forty List.
FauxNews is #2. They try harder.
It is no surprise that the comedic talents of Wolf Blitzer keeps CNN at the #1 spot on the Propaganda Media Network's Top Forty List.
FauxNews is #2. They try harder.

Former sailor arrested on fake terror charges.

Law Enforcement officials in Phoenix, Arizona, on orders from the Homeland Insecurity Department, via the Oval Office, arrested Paul Hall,
31, a former member of the U.S. Navy. The authorities claim that Hall was spying and providing material support to terrorists, but as usual,
no proof of these charges were presented, and none will be, unless Tricky Dicky II offers more fractured fairy tales to placate the masses of
sheeple. The criminal charges were filed in Connecticut because the Azzam Publications were hosted on state ISP's, officials claim.

A talking head, with moving lips, from the DHS said that Hall was arrested on a federal criminal complaint on March 7, 2007 -- and the lipster
further claimed that Hall was really Hassan Abujihaad -- an al qaeda terrorist.
The DHS bimbette said that Hall is being charged with providing top-secret classified information to Azzam Publications, a London-based
terrorist group, and that the information was to be used in a plot to kill American citizens. Azzam was part of this terrorist plan because they
passed on this information to other terrorists around the world.

Federal prosecutors say that Hall passed the information about the movements of a U.S. Navy battle group in 2001, apparently a few months
after the Israelis attacked the USS Cole in Yemen, killing seventeen sailors and injuring others. The warrant claims that Hall was serving on
the USS Benfold when he sent the emails to Azzam terrorists. Authorities said that Hall was discharged from the U.S. Navy in January 2002.
If convicted on the charges, Hall is looking at 25 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors said that Hall is also accused of leaking a document detailing the vulnerability of U.S. warships to terrorist attacks.
In December 2003, British police raided the home of Babar Ahmad, and found emails sent by Hall, apparently discussing videos that Hall
had obtained from Azzam Publications which promoted a violent jihad. The police also claimed to have seized a sizeable sum of money.

In describing some of the emails, government officials claim that Hall had described a force-protection briefing, expressed hatred toward
the U.S., and lauded Usama bin Laden and the mujahideen.
In another email, Hall is said to praise the attack on the USS Cole, describing the incident as a "martyrdom operation" and advised Azzam
Publications that these kind of tactics were successful. U.S. authorities claim that Azzam Publications sent emails to Hall, encouraging him
to "keep up the psychological warfare."

of course................................ 11.Mar.2007 20:33

ricky ricatto

..............and Puss 'N Boots was recruited by al qaeda.
beware of terrorist cats with guns
beware of terrorist cats with guns