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NYM Warriors Targeted & Arrested At Anti-olympic Protest

The Indian Wars Are Not OVer
It always takes more than one
It always takes more than one
NYM Warriors Targeted & Arrested At Anti-olympic Protest

Once again colonial fascism rears its ugly head as the colonial brownshirts (vancouver police) arrested three Native Warriors on February 13,
2007 for protesting the 2010 winter olympic games, scheduled to take place in unceded Squamish Territory (whistler re: vancouver).
In yet another example of colonial terrorism, the kops arrested NYM Warrior Tselletkwe, of the Secwepemc Nation, Gord Hill of the
Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, and Lynn Highway of the Anishnabe Nation. The kops, well known for the terrorism they inflict on Indigenous Peoples,
also arrested members of the Indigenous Resistance Organizing Committee (IROC).

As the vancouver olympic organizing committee and the vancouver board of trade (businessmen) were celebrating their unveiling of a "3 year
countdown clock" in the downtown business district in vancouver, one Native Warrior stormed the stage and took over the microphone,
yelling "Fuck the olympics" until the kops managed to capture him and haul him away.

Indigenous People from across "british columbia" participated in this rally, along with non-natives from the Anti-Poverty Committee, who are
protesting the gentrification of the downtown eastside for the "beautiful people", which has resulted in the evictions of hundreds of people from
low-income housing in the dtes. The kops arrested seven protesters during this anti-olympic protest.

NYM Warrior Tselletkwe made a statement upon her release, stating "Our land is not for Sale, we are still at war with kkkanada, we have never
surrendered our land. We want the whole world to know not to come to our lands and to boycott kkkanada and the 2010 olympic games.
Tourism is not welcome here."

Other Indigenous people have been arrested for protesting the 2010 olympic games, like Pacheedaht, Nuuchahnulth Elder Harriet Nahanee
who was sentenced to 14 days in jail for protesting the expansion and development of the sea-to-sky highway, from vancouver to whistler.
The destruction of Indigenous Territories and Sacred Sites must be stopped.

NYM spokespeople stated in response to the arrests: "Human and Indigenous Rights violations here in kkkanada must stop. The governments,
corporations, and colonials continue to drive our People from our homelands and destroy our food and medicine-harvesting areas and basic
necessities to survive and maintain our traditional, ancestral way of life.The olympics is a global event and it will take the global community to
awaken their conscience to boycott this 17-day event."

For more information or to join the Anti-olympic Coalition contact:
Native Youth Movement  nymcommunications@hotmail.com
(604) 682-3269 ext. 7845
Warrior Publications

Photo 1 - Tselletkwe, Native Youth Movement Warrior, Secwepemc Nation
Photo 2 - Lynn Highway, Anishnabe Nation,
Photo 3 - Gord Hill, Kwakwaka'wakw Nation, Indigenous Resistance Organizing Committee


"As individual fingers we can be easily broken. Together we make a mighty fist"
--- Sitting Bull

"Today we are remembering our eldest elders, those who initiated the long struggle of resistance against the arrogance of Authority and the
violence of money. They, our ancestors, taught us that a people with pride are a people who do not surrender, who resist, who have dignity."
--- Our Word Is Our Weapon

lift your hearts alongside six nations 13.Mar.2007 15:07

two-cycle injun

Hau kola,

A Six Nations sister has created a most amazing "Youtube" video.

Check out the link, turn your speakers on, and enjoy these songs.
Watch the images from Six Nations, hear the songs and the language.
Listen with your heart. And offer prayers and thanks for our Six Nations

Pilamaya yelo


Song titles:


enjoy.....and if your Kanien'keha:ka........ learn those songs

don't shoot until you see the whites of the white eyes' eyes 13.Mar.2007 16:04

free spirit

This is the new website of the Klabona Keepers, ensuring responsible stewardship of the sacred headwaters (Klabona) of the Nass, Stikine and Skeena Rivers.

The Elders took over the council building, kicked out the Indian Act band council, blockaded roads,
and are appealing for solidarity with all Indigenous people in standing up and protecting Mother
Mining & logging companies, etc., are determined to rape and pillage the land.

When natives use Leftist/Euro methods-- 20.Mar.2007 23:22

bad doggie crux hunting cruciaL aRtz'r

--we whom have always seen such miss your depth being.

And we see you becoming yet another same old racial minority...tho with a little bit o pizazz similar to anarchism...but oh so same-old-song!

oh, that's what i'm seeing right now.

And reportin' to ya live from here,

,,,,wondering whether/when the aborig skinz are gonna song some headspins

like what if ye got arrested in full regalia (if that's what yooz wanna doo)

(anyway, thot i'd pass on this art to yoo)

honorz to aboriginaL natives everywhere (euro too)!
honorz to aboriginaL natives everywhere (euro too)!
"1st" page of comyoOonikehy to NYM in-the-heart
"2nd" page of comyoOonikehy to NYM in-the-hearterz (be gOOd to yourseLvz!)