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Bush, ‘political cadaver’ -- It’s all but (over)

There is something politically odd about Bush's tour of various Latin American countries. South American nations were 'lost' to the U.S. some time ago - the price paid for America's fixation in the Middle East. Bush is loathed internationally but is particularly despised in Latin America. The Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez accurately called Bush a "political cadaver" and led 20,000 Argentinian supporters in the chant, "gringo go home", during his counter-tour of the region.
Bush's natural unpopularity is magnified by the baggage he carries as a symbol of the meddling American Imperialist. America has a long history of exploitation and interference in local politics. Confusion seems to reign in Washington, what did the administration hope to achieve with this unpopular tour, one which was guaranteed to attract scorn, derision and headlines? Is this a strategic tour designed to divert focus from preparations for the attack on Iran or is it yet another example of neo-con ineptitude? The Bush administration will go down in history as the most politically inept in U.S. history. America has paid the highest possible price for its overt oil theft in Iraq - today America stands as the most despised nation on the planet, a classic pariah.

Hugo Chavez expresses almost universal sentiments against Bush/America. Today, nations need America like they need a 'hole in the head'. America has displayed its contempt for all civilised conventions/laws and has undertaken a self-serving attitude toward the rest of the world, a stance that will inevitably end in war waged on the American mainland - the American pig against the civilised world!

With no external help America has defeated itself with its rabid, ultra-right, gung-ho policies. Who besides the slavish cowards, John (aluminium tubing) Howard and Tony (45 minutes) Blair did America hope to endear with its belligerent tactics? Slowly but very surely other superpowers (and smaller nations) are uniting against America; their mutual interests and political survival depends on a united front against the rogue that has marked its course with chaos, mayhem, murder and PLUNDER!

All the lies and deceptive tactics have failed to garner support for the murdering rogue, America now stands naked as the killer and avaricious pig of the world - the Bush administration has succeeded in destroying the USA, though the final act is yet to be played out. The script, however, is not written in stone but it would take a leader with the skill and intelligence of an Abe Lincoln to save the nation from certain annihilation - a quick review of U.S. leaders over the past few decades confirms the nation is lost.

Hugo Chavez understated the situation; the 'cadaver', President Bush, leads an entire nation of walking dead!

Powerful military nations that have undertaken an aggressive, self-serving, unilateral approach have always united the world against them. Without exception these nations have been vanquished by the combined strength of the nations they would dominate.

We are One.


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