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imperialism & war

police attack protestors at port of tacoma and cause small riot

youtube video

I cry 10.Mar.2007 16:02


I have cried tears for my dear peace friends. So sad. so sad. so.....sad. Thank you for bearing this ugly force.

I applaud 10.Mar.2007 17:20

Jody Paulson

those protesters. I especially loved the girl that kept on singing about peace as the projectiles cracked. Not hard to see where the real strength is.

war machinery 10.Mar.2007 17:45

joe anybody

hearing the guy yelling at the police at the very end was eerie

it was frightening to hear a fellow peace supporting citizen yelling out
........... "what are you doing? i am a citizen" ...to the black-clad-riot-cops !

Video proves police lied 13.Mar.2007 00:12

Joe Rowe

Watch this video full of police lies, and those lies promoted by TV news reporters:

The police lied, every officer there should be tried for civil rights violations.
The same police attack happened in Oakland and the city paid $2 million in damages.

Call and demand the station should issue an apology and fire the reporter
KING 5 Television
333 Dexter Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 448-5555

What does Washington law say?
The Oregon Constitution states no law shall restrain that right.

Here are some cases where police tried to ticket protesters and later lost on appeal
 link to www.oregonlive.com

If you are a pedestrian on a public way, there is no law that allows police to order you to move along. Because no crime was being done, there is no legal basis to use force to disperse anyone.

Having done research in Oregon here is what I found: police lawfully may order a group of people to disperse when 1) they are engaged in criminal activity 2) they create a threat of imminent serious physical injury 3) they themselves are in danger 4) they are a threat to the integrity of a criminal investigation

similar events in Oakland