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Impeachment in Washington--Round 3

Impeachment Rally
March 10, 12 noon
Downtown Seattle Westlake Park

The memorial 8016 is being held up by the Democratic leadership in the Senate. People are pushing for it to go to the Senate floor for a vote.
Your presence is requested to support the impeachment of Bush and
Cheney for high crimes against the citizens of the United States. We
will gather, rally, then set out into the streets to gain support for
SJM8016 in the state Senate.

The Bill is not dead and has until March 14 to be moved to the floor
of the Senate for a vote. By appealing to the Democratic Caucus
through the grass roots and lobbying in Olympia the people can
convince the Senate leadership that voting for SJM8016 is the right
thing to do.

Washington For Impeachment.org has gathered 17,000 signatures in the
state and we have discovered:
Republicans are angry
Democrats are horrified
Muslims and African Americans are in fear
And ALL of the people are outraged!

Impeachment is the constitutional remedy for the ill health of our

Impeachment is the backbone of the people standing up for our
Constitution and our Democracy.

In the meantime-- write, call, fax, visit your state legislators and ask them to demand that 8016 comes to a vote in the Senate. If it is not voted on by March 14th, it is dead for this session.

sponsored by Washington For Impeachment
contact: 425.454.4865
Endorsed by: Democrats.com, The Backbone Campaign, Olympia Rise Up to
Impeach Bush/Cheney, Not A Number Gifts, the World Can't Wait,
Veterans For Peace

to help with donations go online to: www.washingtonforimpeachment.org/ impeach
or send checks to:
10020 Main St., Ste A, Box 367
Bellevue, WA, 98004

James Madison said,
"Someday it may become necessary to impeach the president of the
United States. Fear not this process, it is what we fought for! We
fought to depose a king. We do not believe America should accept an
elected king any more than an inherited one!"