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March 18: Call for Peacemakers' Takeover of Blumenaueresque Event

See previous:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/03/355321.shtml?discuss
This outrageous attempt to hijack an ostensible "anti-war" event must be resisted.
There is a silver lining in this. It could just be the straw that broke the Hegemonists' back. On a day when Democrats in Congress ( link to www.nytimes.com)
have reached a Hilliarized coalescence to give Bush his $100 billion blood money in return for a non-specific date in 2008 for the "removal of combat troops" from Iraq ("It's a goal; it's not a hard deadline, it's a goal," said Hillary), "anti-war" Blumenaueristas have announced that Blumenauer will speak and that his operatives will "teach" at a "Peace Camp" prior to a march and rally in Portland on March 18.

That the March 18 rally has been infiltrated and dominated by Democrat "moderates" (right-wing militarists to the rest of the world) cannot be denied. And that is the crux of our opportunity.

Being for peace and justice is not a "left-wing" position; it is a position in solidarity with the vast center of the world's people. It is these Democrat "moderates" like Blumenauer who should be marginalized as being out of touch with the rest of the world.

Several suggestions for action have already been recorded in the previous ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/03/355321.shtml?discuss) post. I endorse them heartily, but I call for all of us Portlanders in the vast world center to participate in our own way, and to embrace those who might be using tactics that we wouldn't.

This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around.

It's time for mass action. Let's support all those who are for peace, democracy and justice, and let's resist all those who are not.

Hey, lighten up about Earl! 10.Mar.2007 00:33


Big-event organizers always work at getting name speakers. And anti-war/impeachment/9/11 truth, etc. rallies ARE political. Ergo, speakers from politics.

Earl's got a 6-point invalid mantra on why he opposes impeachment of Bush and Cheney that he uses in letters, coffee chats, etc.(Rove would love it; it would tie up Congress; can't get 67 Senators to bring in guilty verdict; we'd get Cheney as president; they'll be out of office soon; Clinton impeachment took a long time). These excuses would shock the Framers of the Constitution, Jefferson particularly. Never does he answer the question: "Didn't you take an oath to support and defend the Constitution?" With a follow-up comment about the Bushies tossing out the Constitution and overthrowing our form of government. He says, "we've got to be realistic." As if the Framers weren't and provided Congress with its major weapon that would boot B&C's regime quickly if reps like Earl and Pelosi and Reid, et al. obeyed their oaths.

I suggest that we hit Earl with a couple of chants on this "power point, one between the introduction and his talk:

Love your country, Bow-Tie Guy?
Impeach 'em both or watch it die!

And this one when he finishes:

Earl! Earl! Obey your oath!
Get some guts, impeach 'em both!

Let's give him some guilt about what he's failed to do. He needs to hear a sneer loud and clear he'll think about when he gets back to that clubby atmosphere on Capitol Hill.

Obey Your Oath! 10.Mar.2007 11:19

former Dem

I don't understand how your title corresponds to your message, but I support your message, especially,

Earl! Earl! Obey your oath!
Get some guts, impeach 'em both!